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Wow! This is the first time, I went to a SPL Competition. This Astro Van, had like 3 [18"] Kicker Solo X subwoofers. This van was really made for SPL. Wood all over, and pixi glass for the windows. He hit at 170 dB! After he hit 170 dB, then he opened the 2 front doors. Pure air pressure bass! I just love the feeling of that. Pieces of rust chips from building right next to it, was falling appart. Lucky thing I have worn my hat. [;)]

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These stupid loud one note playing SPL monsters

have no sound quality to speak of,designed to play one note at

sickening SPL.Anything over 125dB is plain dumb,as no human will stand

up to this high SPL for long,or lose hearing like a brain dead bum.

Efortless,loud when need to be if A ok,but a one note playing giant sub ina very small space is...pointless BS.


they will reach over 190dB one day,and..so..what.Why not just stick a

nuke in there and detonate,SPL will be way way higher...and the point

will be? Some very bian dead people love to roll down the street and

blast thier subs,shaking the crappy housing along the


The Ascendant Audio Avalanche is actaully a pretty darn good driver,

for both SPL and SQ, but I guarantee that fruity lookin guy has thoes

subs setup for one thing and one thing only, SPL. Doesn't really matter

anyway when you have thoes kinda subs in an "bling'd" out Isuzu SUV on

chrome 20's. Car audio is a waste of money to me. But then again,

different strokes for different folks.

I would take a quick 10" sub in my car over a ton of large subs any day.

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Didn't someone once calculate 30Hz or thereabouts as the 'fun frequency' for ladies? Perhaps it's no accident that our blinged out friend chose 35 Hz for the demonstration. Perhaps it wasn't just her hair that danced about?

Think about the fringe benefits. Could take your date from 0 to 60 in ????


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The owner of my local Klipsch dealer (Philip) relayed a story to me this past weekend. He said that he expanded into car audio (formally only home audio) reluctantly mostly due to the uh...."clientel" that tends to invest in big systems. In fact, it was for that reason (and the fact that he said he never heard a car system actually sound good) that he almost closed it down but decided to open a separate store for car audio after his guys begged him to keep it open and let them run it.

Philip said that one day he went over to the car audio store to check on something and there was a Durango they had just finished up. Jeremy (the manager) asked Philip to hop inside for a listen. Philip said he didn't want to waste his time. Jeremy insisted so Philip got in and gave it a listen. To his suprise it really sounded good. Philip said that he was very impressed with the tonal quality of the system so much so that he started to re-think his opinion about car audio.

About that time, the owner of the Durango shows up. Philip tells him that it sounds very, very good and that he's very impressed with the sound quality as well as the installation. The owner says, "Oh yeah? Lemme see whut she'll do." Philip said the owner proceeded to remove the well recorded Two Against Nature CD, put in some rap group CD, close all the doors, roll up the windows, and turn on the system from outside with the remote. Next, the owner turns up the volume to the point where everything on the vehicle is rattling/vibrating - doors, hood, wipe blades, license plate, everything. The owner looks at Philip and says, "Yeah man...it sho' be soundin' sweet, know whut I'm saying? Yo guys gots a seriously phat system. I likes it."

Philip said he just walked away shaking his head and hasn't been back in that shop in over 2 years and has no plans to go over there ever again! LOL.........


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