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What have you done to improve the sound of your Klipsch speakers?


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La Scala's: did not touch em for 20 years, since then I have upgraded my networks to ALK universal A's, swapped out K400's for Altec 511b's, currently testing new tweeters, added a center La Scala and Heresy II surrounds, got bass traps but I need more than what I have, moved em into a new room along the long wall.

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Disconnected them and safely stored them in a walk-in closet in the foyer!

Since I cannot enjoy listening to my original '79 Cornwalls in my tiny 12 x 13.5 room, and since I cannot relocate them to the much bigger formal living room where they can breath and sound their absolute best (until certain items in that room are permanently removed), then they will remain in temporary storage until such time that I can finally relocate my entire system to the huge living room where it really belongs.

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Original 1976 Heresys after listening to them for almost 30 years:

1) I gave them to my parents

2005 LaScalas with AL-4 networks:

1) I put them in the long wall corners of my listening room, toed in 45 degrees.

2) I connected the crossovers directly to the Wright 3.5 SETs (no speaker wires!).

3) I wiggled the tubes on the Wright preamp until it was quiet.

4) I bought 100 fancy record sleeves.

5) I started using a big rubber washer to clamp my albums to the table platter.

6) I cleaned out the loose change, paperclips, and Qtips, etc. under my listening chair's cushion.

7) (This tweak is applicable to most Heritage Klipsch) I placed clean towels (stolen from Le Meridien hotel Gatwick Airport) so as to wrap around the midhorns in order to make sure that the wires to the tweeters and the bass bins don't lay on and contact the surface of the midhorns. For my modest listening levels I don't think this matters, but for those out there who crank it up, don't you think wires laying on the midhorns might vibrate and create a disturbing noise?

8) Most of my albums are absurdly clean and quiet, but for those with a little noise I imagine there is a fire cracking in the fireplace.

9) For my few really noisy records, I pick up / plug in one of my guitars, violin, cornet, alto sax, piano, or bagpipe chanter and just play along.

10) I try to keep things in perspective realizing that my simple system is superior to 99% of all the systems in the world - its not the ultimate system, and focused on vinyl playback only with SETs it has its limitations, but I only listen to old music and I'm totally satisfied.


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