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I'm glad to see the cornwalls being resurrected (sp?), and I too, hope they sell a bunch, but gee whiz, ain't $3500 a pair a might STEEP ?

...At least, it seems steep to me, having paid less than $1500 for a new pair in '85. Maybe the new ones are built heavier, but still that seems pretty danged high!

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The market for large speakers has reduced quite a bit from the way it was in 85. So apart from the inflation issues, Klipsch is probably looking to sell far less and therefore must charge more in order to make money in the long run. There was a lot of expensive things that had to be done to resurrect the lineup.

As far as sound quality...I think they got rid of the slight 80Hz bump in the response and I know they fixed some standing wave issues. The speaker should definetly sound much smoother - I remember it sounding much much better than the RF7 during that blind AB listening test (despite how many problems there were with the test).

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Hey, now, I had to fight to be allowed to post the pic!!!! I'm SO looking out for you guys, and SO under appreciated! Humph! [;)]

We'll be working on the product page for the Cornwall probably right after CES. We are so slammed right now, it's crazy!

With CES 2006 over I'm counting down the remaining days in January for the Cornwall III release and the posting of the new product page. I hope the emphasis Klipsch placed on promoting the new reference speaker line at CES has not pushed the release of the Cornwall III past February. A February Cornwall III release would increase the attractiveness of this used pair of Klipschorns


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Geesh, we just took the first pictures of the dern thing last week!


Another benefit is that we'll be able to buy REAL Klipsch pie logos again really soon. I need a pair for my 1976 Klipschorns; a pair of plastic reproductions are pulling current duty.

The new Cornwall is a beauty. I'd be in line if I didn't already have a pair. Instead, it will probably be a pair of the Klipsch THX subs.

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Chris, those new pie slice logos have been available for quite sometime now. I have them on all my speakers, they are really sharp. They are adhesive backed with double sided sticky foam. I don't have the part number handy but they are $12 apiece from Klipsch parts.

They are called Jubilee logos if I am not mistaken.

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