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I just bought the klipsch synergy 12inch and am having some trouble with blending. I have the b-3 setup and it doesn't seem to blend well. I moved it out of the corner and turned the gain down to a little over 1/4 and it isn't nearly as boomy anymore. The crossover is set to 80hz, which brings up my first question. What is the difference between the LFE and the crossover, i know what the crossover is and am having trouble finding out about the LFE.

I also have 2 settings on my reciever i am wondering about. The D. Range---sp and hp levels, i have no idea what that means, i am assuing the D is for dynamic but i have not heard a good explanation of that yet. The other is the LFE level---hp and sp. I don't know what the hp and sp means but the default on my reciever was MAX for all 4 of the previously mentioned settings. I would greatly appretiate any help as i just spent what is alot for my budget on all this an really want it to work well.

Thanks alot

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