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"Hotel California" Banned


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(Inside cab: The song "Peaceful Easy Feeling" by The Eagles is playing. Dude is holding an icepack to his head. )

DUDE: Jesus, man, can you change the station?

DRIVER: (A large Black man, shown from back seat POV) **** you man! You don't like my ******* music, get your own ******* cab!

DUDE: I've had a--

DRIVER: I'll pull over and kick your *** out, man!

DUDE: I've had a rough night, and I hate the ******* Eagles, man...

DRIVER: That's it! Outta this ******* cab!

(Driver brings the cab to a screeching halt, steps out, and pulls The Dude out of the back seat, then screeches away just as quickly)

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In New Mexico "colitas" are a wild bud but they are picked and boiled and eaten as wild spinich. I do not like the taste of them but my Grandparents, my parents (deceased) used to harvest them and eat them. My wifes parents still look for them and harvest and eat them when they can.[*-)]

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