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the last cd you listened to ?


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Currently in my five-disk changer:

1. Keb Mo (debut album)

2. American Beauty - Soundtrack (the score, not "Songs from...)

3. Tom Petty - "Wildflowers"(stays in most of the time)

4. R.E.M. - "Automatic for the People"

5. Mozart Piano Concertos 22 & 23 - Barenboim w\ECO (terrific performance from 1967)


McCormack DNA-1 Power Amp

McCormack TLC Pre-Amp

Cheap Sony 5-disc player

NHT SA3 Subwoofer Amp

Hsu TN1220 Subwoofer

Klipsch Fortes (oiled


Old Akai cassette Deck

Akai AAR22 used as tuner

Nordost Solar Wind interconnects

Kimber 4TC Speaker Cable

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This is really, really funny. I have a Toshiba DVD player that has two disc trays. I just took a look at the last two things I listened to last night.

In Tray 1 we have Garbage, "Release 2.0"

In Tray 2 we have Newport Classic Binaural recording of the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra performing Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra!" (click here for info on this awsome recording... http://www.binaural.com/binbb.html )


Music is art

Audio is engineering

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I was out running errands today and picked up 4 new discs at good prices:

Ugly Kid Joe's "Motel California"

Widowmaker's "Stand By For Pain" (featuring Dee Snider)

Buzzcocks "Operators Manual"

Masters Of Reality's "How High The Moon, Live at the Viper Room"

" a little DAB will do ya "

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The last thing I listened to? Well, to be honest it was "The Greatest Hits Of 1720" on CD, last PM. Well, at least the first part of it, before I falled to sleepy-bye -- This was on my lower mid-fi bedroom rig, which consists of a gritty 14 year-old Akai 65W/chl. integrated amp driving an awsome pair of Realistic Minimus 77's hanging on the wall facing the foot of the bed. This fed by a 13 year-old Technics top-loading CD changer. All strung together with freebie interconnects. Pretty impressive, huh? Hey, whaddya think, I'm made of money or somethin'?



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DENON DVM-3700 Changer

Brian Culbertson - Nice & Slow (HDCD)

Rick Braun - Kisses In The Rain

FourPlay - Yes, Please!

The Rippingtons (Featuring Russ Freeman) - Life In The Tropics

Keiko Matsui - Deep Blue (HDCD)

SONY CDP-CA80es CD Changer

Bob James - TouchDown

Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor

Casino Lights '99 - Various Jazz Artist (Disc 2)

The Isley Brothers - Eternal

Steely Dan - Two Against Nature (CD Version)

Usually random/shuffle play for variety.

Not sure I'm normal thoughRolleyes.gif

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Uhh--a newly purchaced Lenny Kravitz' Greatest Hits. Which also had me scrambling to turn down the analyzer sensativity and the variable loudness control.

If you decide to crank this one up, like, concert level BE CAREFUL!! "American Woman" has intentional distortion on the vocals. And I thought I fried both midranges..whew!



KLF-20 Mahogany (Cornell Hotwired)

McIntosh C33 Preamp

McIntosh MVP-841 CD/DVD

Rotel RB-1080 Amp

Yamaha PF-800 Turntable/ Sure V15 Type V Cartridge

Ortofon VMS-30 mkII Cartridge

Stanton 999SS Cartridge

Yamaha K-1020 Cassette

dbx 1231 EQ

H.H. Scott 830z Analyzer

Monster Interlink 400mk II

Monster Interlink 300mk II

Monster Video 2 (DVD to TV)

Studio Tech U-48RW Cabinet

Monster Power HTS-5000 Power Conditioner/Surge Protector

Original 12ga. Monster Cable

Enough empty boxes for a fire hazard!

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Colin, I second "All You Can Eat." k.d. lang kicks Diana Krall's butt (Figuratively, but probably could literally, as well. Now THERE'S a pay-per-view I'd actually pay to see!).

The LAST cd, though, was Tony Rice "Unit of Measure."


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Today I listened to:

Dire Straits - Love Over Gold

Dire Straits - Making Movies

Santana - Abraxas

Then in a change of pace:

Replacements - Tim

New Order - Substance 1987 (Ok, that was on tape)


Denon AVR-2700

Denon DCD1500-II

Audio Control Octave

Phillips CDR-765

Nakamichi BX-100

Sony PS-LX3

Rotel RB-991

Klipsch Heresy (1981)

Klipsch RP-3


MIT Terminator2 Bi-Wire

Computer system:

NAD 7130

Realistic Optimus Pro-7s (its only a computer system)

Klipsch KSW-10

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tblasing, i hear ya on the lenny Kravitz, distortion, its the olny part of the CD i dont like!

Lets See

in one day,,,,

The negotiator DVD

Hollow man DVD

Blade DVD

Jumanji DVD

fantasia 2001 CD

George Michael faith CD

Trans atlantic airwaves CD

Regards Jim

Cornwall front

Cornwall rear

Academy center

sony digital De-825


Optimus cassette deck retired (garbage)

harman kardon CD player 5 years and going strong

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