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Well I really went and did it this time! I'm so broke to start the New Year!


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Well I made a few mentions of being in hot pursuit of a killer vinyl

rig. Well I did it. Here she is.The Clearaudio Reference with the

gorgeous Rosewood Silent Running Audio SRA base specifically made for

this turntable and made specially to order in gorgeous Rosewood. Under

that is the Bright Star Audio (color grey) supporting base at

bottom.This TT is mounted with the Koetsu SD 1100D MK II Tonearm.

Posted Image

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It is a beautiful machine! Tell us all about it! Does it run completely steady, have no groove noise, no possibility of feedback, returns at the end of the side, and all the stuff that dreams are made of? Wow! I love rosewood. I used to have a rosewood keyed marimba, and my concert snare sticks were rosewood too. You are making me realize I should spring for that new car, and maybe a recent edition sunfire pre/pro and amp, get the alfa back up and running with a new top installed (already have the top) and just enjoy life while I can.


Stoicism and self denial gets old after a while when everyone else is enjoying hedonism on your dime.

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Ah....the original reference model....isn't she lovely. Still available new and with several siblings spawned to look like the original.

I see you have at least 2 extra arm boards (one already attached) - do you know what they have been cut for?

Interesting arm already on there too - not one I am familiar with at all - but worth playing with just because it isnt another straight but arm. What is the cart on this?

You know this is a table for life don't you.

Now how about getting yourself I nice linear tracking arm?


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Well everyone I believe my dreams will

be crushed.LOL! When I was bidding in this TT on Ebay I had a feeling

it might have been a hijacked account. I was going to be picking

up the TT anyway so I left my bid and it won. Well its been almost 24

hrs now with no email contact from the seller. I did an ebay search and

got the account holders phone number and name. Called and it has been

disconnected. Well its back to the hunt again but it was fun. I really

would liked to have had that TT but I'm afraid it's not going to

happen. Luckily I've been around ebay for quite a few years and know

enough to be very carefull with these high ticket items but PLEASE be

carefull when shopping on the internet.

Well its pouring rain here in California so I have plenty of time to track down another TT so a surfing I will go.


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Here's a little update. I just received

a phone call from a New York number from a guy named "Igor". Mind you

the ebay account holders name is Richard and he lives in Arizona.

"Igor" said he was calling me because I requested to speak to the

seller before sending payment. The orginal Ebay ad stated payment could

be made by Paypal or Wire transfer. "Igor" said he would like wire

transfer. I asked why he was calling from a New York number and he said

he was going through an expensive divorce and the TT was in Arizona

where he lives. He would be back there in a few days. Then he said he

would accept paypal but I would have to wait 3 days for the funds to

clear because he had used paypal before and shippped an item then

paypal pulled the money out of his account and he got burned. I thought

damn this guy is good that has actually happened to me once. Well

finally I told my buddy "Igor" that I could only do the deal 2 ways.

I'll drive to Arizona a get the table or he could COD it to me. I know

the buyer does not dictate the sellers terms but I told him since all

these strange factors were coming into play on his end that was how I

would feel comfortable. Anyone want to take bets on weather "Igor" will

let me pick it up or COD it to me?

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