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Should I spend the money?


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I've saved up and now have enough to trade in my RF7's along with a couple G's for a new (not the new LaScalla II) set of LaScallas... the old style with the real plywood, etc. I really don't know if I should do it. I really don't want to drop $1,500 or more into a "musical" sub.

I've heard the LaScallas at Brys and they're nice, and my 7's are very, very nice also. Once and for all, do you guys really think I'll like the LS any better than the 7's? I keep hearing I'll now need a sub and the bass is weak. Strong point seems to be mid range, but just how much better is it than the 7's? I'll have $4000 invested rather than the $2000 I now have in the 7's. Can the LS handle all the juice my ZR1600 can pump to them?

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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A dilemma of great weight - like when you have the little angel on one shoulder and the little devil on the other. Let's hear what they are saying...

Little Angel:

After you get the LaScalas and discover that your amp has too much power and doesn't like playing at less than 5 watts you may need to ditch it and spend more for a triode tube SET. May need to get a better tubed preamp, too. You may notice that digital sources don't sound live or natural and you may need to ditch that and get a rig to play vinyl. If so, you may be needing to find out how to get records, too.

Little Devil:

LaScalas are great speakers. The ZR is a big 300W TriPath amp - they sound like the best of tubes and solid state. 300 watts driving the big Klipsch with plenty of reserve power! At 1/3rd power you would have 60 watts and acres of headroom which would make the LaScalas sing. May not even need a sub.


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I'd love cornerhorns but I have no corners and am not planning on ever moving from my beach cabin. I think I'll just stay with my 7's and put in a nice gas fireplace instead. Thanks for all the advice.

Better banging for you buck. [;)]
tru dat ;)
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If you have the room Lascalas, go for it.My living room is only 12 x 15. Not big enough.

As for power, I use a mitsubishi da-a15 dual monarol power amp with matching

da-p10. No problem for bass. My amp pushes 150 watts per side. My 1978 lascalas

are ratted 100 watts. Unfortunately because of lack of space, I must let my lascalas

go. I really don't want to.

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