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Question re: denon 2910 HDMI selections and Heresy III ariving next week!!!


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I posted this question on the HT Guide.com Forum yesterday and haven't received a response.

I am posting it here in the hope that one of my Klipsch brethren could be of help.

"I have just received a Denon 2910 DVD and hooked it up to my Panasonic 61 inch rear proj. LCD using the HDMI connections.

I am using a digital optical connection for audio to my Rotel RSP 1068 pre-pro.

THe Denon 2910 allows two HDMI choices for video setup:




Which one do I use?

There is very little description in the operating instructions

Any help would be appreciated.



By the way I have a pair of black Heresy III on order which I will be using as rears in my still incomplete 5.1 HT - they are supposed to arrive next week - I will post my impressions.

Happy New Year to all,


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Thanks travisc,

I did post to the Denon 2910 thread at AVS about the same time as here.

I received an answer - it is amazing to me that Denon provides minimal description as to what the two choices are for.

This Klipsch site is one of my favorite spots to visit every day - I find the members to be very helpful - but mostly it is interesting to share an appreciation for such great speakers -

Thanks again,


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Thanks everyone -

This is the answer I got from the Denon 2910 thread on AVS;

"This is just a selection so that you have the option of what piece of equipment does the color space conversion for you. But there may be more to it then that. HDMI is capable of outputting up to 12 bit YCbCr so depending on the video processing, it may be better to output YCbCr and let the display convert to RGB at whatever bit depth it handles. Usually the more information you give a display to work with, the better. So I would recommend outputting YCbCr to be on the safe side. There is a chance that the color space conversion may not be as good in the display but you could always switch between and compare for yourself. "

"Basically it comes down to: do you want the RGB conversion to be handled by the Denon or your TV? If you have a good TV, let it do it."


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Racking my brain comes up with RGB to be selected if you're hooking up a computer, and YCbCr if you're hooking up a DVD player/HDTV/DVR/etc.

Wuzzzer is a winnner!

You want the component monitor connection if your monitor can handle it. RGB is very much something for a computer monitor or a computer connection.

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