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Good Headphones


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So I got an iPod for Christmas. I immediately detested the earbuds for both poor audio quality and for the fact that they will not stay in my ears. I want some headphones that sound nice, that will hit around 24 hz with about -3 dB or so and want to spend around $140. Am I asking too much? Preferably I would like them to be circumaural, but it is not a requisite. Since I am running them off of an iPod, I assume that they must be fairly sensitive. Can anybody point me in the right direction or give me some reviews or good companies. I'd rather shy away from Bo$e and that is the only reccomendation Ive gotten so far.

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Well, I need it to drive SOMETHING else, becuase these sure as hell arent cutting it. Are there no high sensitivity headphones out there? I guess the only thing to do is swing by the Ovation and test some out. I wonder if they will let me hook up my iPod to see if it can drive them....

As a completely unrelated note, I just listened to Dream Theater's Liquid Tension cds both volume 1 and 2. I was already a fan of their other work, but this was even above and beyond breathtaking. Audio bliss on compact discs. Amazing. I really dont know what else there is to say. I think I just reached the climax of the audio experience today on January 4, 2007. Now the only thing greater to move on to is a better system.

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