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New Reference series pics


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Wow. I took a look and there's articles on the new bookshelves,

floorstanders, centers, surrounds, and subs here :


Looks like a lot of the higher end models are going with more and

smaller woofers. It says the RF-83 uses 3 8" woofers. Wonder how it

compares to the 2 10"s in the RF-7. Also interesting is the RC-64 with

4 6.5" woofers, and the subs with dual passive radiators.

I'm very interested to see how they all sound compared to the current

reference line-up. Maybe some specs will be available soon?

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1.25" tweeter? Yikes, that's not a replacement for the RF-7, it's an RF-35 with veneer and an extra woofer.[:(]

My thoughts exactly. However, I will reserve my final judgement until I've heard them. I'm ready for an upgrade frfom my RF7s and all Klipsch is offering is more of the same, or rather the same only with more.....whatever.

It appears to me that marketing has taken over from engineering in driving the product line. I myself fail to see the necessity of six different towers in the Reference line. Three price points would be more than adequite. I'm sure that somewhere in the line they are competing with Synergy price wise. It's never a wise move to compete with yourself. Ask GM.

Jerry Rappaport

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1.25" tweeter? Yikes, that's not a replacement for the RF-7, it's an RF-35 with veneer and an extra woofer.[:(]

From what I can see, I am very glad I bought my RF7's and matching speakers when I did.

No matter how they sound, it will still seem like a step down, appearance wise.

Looks more like an upgraded Synergy F3 than an upgraded RF7.

I would have at least stuck with the K-1083-SB 8" woofers, to at least keep some appearance ques.

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Guys, give Klipsch the benefit of the doubt until we start to hear them

- a lot of people were a little underwhelmed with the THX system -

until the reviews started coming in. Just because they don't LOOK

like you want does not mean the sound is not there.

Supposidly, the new 1.25" tweeter is supposed to be a little monster (fancy magnet and all that jazz).

Again, just wait and we will see.

I saw some pics of the subs (triangle ones) and they look like the

woofers have about 2" of excursion - the surround sticker over an inch

out from the outer-most part of the basket - they are not toys. I

think the new series will be understated, elegant, and mean.

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I dunno. I think they look pretty sweet. I can't imagine that they will be head and shoulders above the RF-7, but I'm sure some would look at that third woof and consider the possibility that maybe Klipsch responded to the one niggling concern about the RF-7: a audible dip in the mid-frequencies.

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I like them. Personally I'm glad they don't blow me away too much visually, then I'd have to upgrade like, right now. Now what I can't wait for is to start reading reviews of how they sound (sure, sure, I want to hear them for myself, but I just moved to BFE Wyoming, and it could be a while before I get to hear them in person).

They look good enough to me Klipsch, now I just hope they up the sound quality enough to make the RF-83 and RC-64 compellings buys in the next 6-18 months (my realistic tie frame for getting together that kind of $)!!!

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