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Too good to be true?


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There is a Home Media store near me that have a $200,000 HT set up in there store and they use this dvd player connected to a "Fireball DVDM-100" and run it thru a Sony Quala 004 projector. I will say it looks awsome. the Fireball will alow you to connect 3 of the 400 disk changers to it. Could you imagin to have 1200 dvd at your comand with just your remote. You could spend days watching movies and never get up. haha


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I hope you're not going all over the net for price searches. I usually use all 4 of these:




yahoo shopping

cnet shop (forget the exact site addresses)

I just scored a 60" Sony SXRD LCOS RPTV for $1k or more less than the SALE prices at both Best Buy & Circuit City, AND no sales tax AND delivered by private truck.

don't let the BB & CC dudes tell you that you have to ship (a Sony at least) back for warranty service. even if Sony doesn't have a service center nearby, they DO have authorized service dealers who will come out to YOUR HOME if needed. BB & CC will tell you you have to haul it back to them (sans the dreaded Extended Warranty BS). LMAO

& if you put it on most visa or AMEX, THEY will give you another year or double your warranty.

when received, be sure to make sure the serial# numbers on box & product match-up, & usually, you can call the manufacterer customer support to verify that product is good & new.

the net rules for shopping; even for electronics; or, Sony at least.

also, got a 20" Viewsonic LCD TV from onsale.com for $350 (post $50 rebate) w/ the same above great results. w/ viewsonic however you would have to ship to KY or CA if goes bad in 1 yr; but, product is great quality & nice lil EDTV 4:3 monitor to put by the bar. [;)]

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sorry, the other modes aren't working for me, so I'll just post it here for all:

re: Sony SXRD 60 LCOS RPTV

www.authorizedelectronics.com in Syracuse, NY. talk to Mary or John, or really any will do - great group. I got it in just 3 biz days. airlifted from JFK to KCI, then the driver even helped me carry it all the way to the basement.

this set is balls out. only the better FP can beat it, & there, hardly any can in color & contrast. but it also has excellent black levels - auto(advanced) iris. see reviews at perfect vision (tomlinson) & other HT sites.


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