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Happy New Year! How ya'll doin? Bet my avatar on justin's site is not workin' anymore. [:D]

So, anybody have a black c-7 for sale??? Got a new house to match the home theater, so I'm movin' to 7.1 from 6.1.

Have the B&K Ref 30 (pre/pro) now upgraded so that it's a Ref

31. That means I can do 6.1 discrete & ProLogic II now,

if I ever get it hooked up. Hell, they probably have ProLogic III

for those damned analog &/or 2.0 cable channels by now. LOL

Here's a pic of my new baby - the centerpiece of the HT in the new

digs. Perfect Vision measuring it over 6000:1 contrast ratio,

another over 11,000 w/ the auto iris runnin. it's a 60"


Really depends on the settings, I guess. I'll be having a real

pro doing the calibration next week. Many controls.



p.s., that tacky chandelier will sone be gone. [:$]


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thank you, xman! audiogon already done. just took me awhile to get re-registered.

there IS actually a C-7 for sale on ebay, though unfortunately it's oak,

& it's triple the price I paid for the last new C-7 I got at ubid

for about $200 (this was YEARS ago). [:(]

as you might see, I was pretty active here before, but jeez, it's

already been 5 YEARS. hope to get a little more

active here now w/ some limited free time.

thanks again. & btw, nice Whole Foods store you have there in downtown Austin.

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