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RSW 10 - analog vs. digital input


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When I purchased my HT system a little over a year ago, I was completely new to HT and particularly digital equipment. A friend of mine that works at Ultimate Electronics picked out the interconnects and gave me a wiring diagram to connect my Denon 1705 to the speakers, TV, etc. I just noticed that line to the sub runs from the sub out on the Denon but instead of going innto the digital input on the sub, he split into two jacks and used the analog inputs. Is there a good reason to do this? Why analog over digital input? I removed the Y connection last night and went to the digital input, but haven't had the chace to listen to anything yet. Explanation anyone - or did my friend make a mistake?

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I believe that with the LFE input it relies on your receiver for the crossover point.

If you have an older receiver or amp that doesn't have a LFE output or its own built-in sub crossover then the regular line-in would be the way to go.

Does your sub's manual have any recommendation for hookup?

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The Klipsch manual mentions generally what I said above and what you mentioned - that use of LFE input bypasses the sub's crossover and allows the receiver to manage it. I set the crossover on my Denon to 80 Hz. I guess what confuses me is that the guy at Utlimate sold me the Denon with the HT speakers at the same time so should know that the receiver is capable of handling the crossover. I wondered if there might be a reason to prefer the analog L/R over the LFE or if he just was used to connecting them that way?

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