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What's a good place for information?


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The forums here are good places. Just, try to match the forum you pose the question in to the question. If it doesn't fit, the worst that will happen is someone will politely refer you to the appropriate one. You may want to check of www.audioasylum.com, too. Don't forget to search the archives here and there. A question you have may already have been asked and answered.

BTW, why do you want to change the output impedance of your amplifier?

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>BTW, why do you want to change the output impedance >of your amplifier?

My tower speakers are of a brand called Nuance. Small Canadian company that sound ok, nothing special. They don't publish their speaker specs. I finally got in touch with someone from their support department and got the specs of my speakers.

The response

"Nuance Star 3M

90 db sensitivity

100 watt power for music

30 hz to 20,000 hz freq. response

***impedance - 5-6 ohms"

So, my current amp (Pioneer VSX-D509S) has an 8 ohm impedance, am I incorrect in assuming that if I had an amplifier with a lower (5 or 6) ohm impedance my speakers would sound better?

The dilema is: All my other speakers (Centre/Rears) are 8 ohm.

Is there a way to power the fronts with a seperate amp (since this pioneer doesn't seem to be adjustable) and have my pioneer do the DTS/DD work (and power the centre/rears), or should i just considering replacing the current amp.

Are there amps that allow you to specify the impedance to seperate channels? So my fronts could get 6 and my rears/centre could get 8?


Oh and that link is golden, very helpful, thanks Smile.gif

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You cannot adjust the impedance of an amplifier after it has been built. If you could it would likely not change the way your speakers sound.

Not getting too technical, your amp is rated to put out some number of watts into an 8 ohm speaker. It does not have an 8 ohm impedance itself (more like 0.05 ohms output impedance). As the speaker's impedance gets lower the amp puts out more power until the thermal limits of the transistors are reached or the power limit of the power supply is met. Then the amp clips or the thermal protection circuits operate and probably shut the amp off. More than likely the minimum speaker impedance for your amp is 4 ohms, so you are in good shape unless you try to run 2 pair of speakers. The impedance would be half of the impedance one pair would be. Even then, the amp will not be damaged unless you insist on pushing it hard and making it get too hot.


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John said it all here.You dont have to worry about your Nuance load on the amp.Only a few speakers like Thiel and company would give recievers serious problems.

The Pioneer you have can drive the Nuance with no problems.The Nuance does not require a qhole lot of watts to sound big.

I did hear Nuance at a store in Montreal.The pushy salesman tried to sell me these! cwm27.gif I asked him if he knew Klipsch...he looked puzzled and said "NO",then I asked him about Dynaudio,again "NON".


Oh well

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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