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Anybody Doin' 2 Centers? IOW, WTB(?): Heresy Pair in Black or Anything Wood


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Haven't thought about it for awhile, but now I am. Since I

can't find another C-7 to use for a rear surround anyway, I was

thinkin' of movin' the current front center C-7 back to join its

brothers, the KLF-30 & other C-7, surround & rear surround,


I'd have to look into it, but don't think it'd be any problem mounting

them upside-down/verticle on the wall directly behind the new

Sony. I know the Heresy aren't shielded, but up high away from

the guns of the floorstanding Sony RPTV should be fine.

w/ Cornwalls, turned in at the corners, don't think it'd be too crowded

soundwise, though I do have an only14ft wide wall, & only

about 8ft left w/ the Sony included.

imagine I'd just hook the heresy up in parallel to the B&K Ref

7270. w/ 200W divided by 2, 100W continuous for each speak

should be plenty.

I haven't been around here for 5 years. do I need to post this on Technical or somewhere else? [:|]

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I use 2 centers in my HT (Cornwalls). It's not really "kosher" to do this, but it was the only way to realistically get a truly matched center to my main Cornwalls without disturbing the TV. Once I get a large wall display, this will be set up with a single center - the way it should be.

It took a GREAT DEAL of positioning adjustments to get this to sound right. Not only is it required to set up the main pair optimally, but then you have to move the two centers in relation to those mains - both side-to side, and forward and back adjustments are required.

Even then, it's not perfect in every position. But it gives a good overall performance, and does a good job of playing the center image between the two mains. This took LOTS of experimentation, but I ended up with a concave arc of four Cornwalls across my front soundstage.

But I've got to tell you - trying to wall mount dual centers and having them sonically "work out" would be an almost impossible stroke of luck - if my experiments here are any indication. If not set up correctly, you will have one weird sonic image.

If you can find a better option with one center, that's really all for the best.

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I use two Belles as my center channel between my Khorns. With my 65" TV it was the only way I could get a good sound that matched the Khorns and was centered well with the big TV. I have the center channel Pre-amp out hooked into the left channel Main Amp in on the amp section of my HK 6650 Integrated Amp. I have the left center Belle hooked up to the Speaker 1 left channel speaker connection on the back of the HK and the right center Belle hooked up to the speaker 2 left channel speaker connection on the back of the hk. I have both speaker 1 & 2 selected for playback and that way I get good ballanced sound. Seems to work well for my HT.

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thanks AN. great info! 4 Corns in front? HS!

I was just about to post on 2nd thought: why me worry about doin'

the heresy (mini-Cornwalls) inverted? just put 'em

horizontal w/ the horns nearer each other. you'd still have

fine horizontal dispersion w/ 2 of 'em a few feet apart, & more

verticle than needed for sure...

but maybe more workable sonically?

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now 78K, you have belles between KHorns...HHS! since I was

last here, you guys have gone Gonzo on me....& I'm lovin'

it. maybe "just" heresy aren't enough. LOL

then again, I really only have the area above the 67"(wide) Sony to work

with, as besides the Corns in corner, I also need to fit a 2ft rack

& Velo HGS-18 on the front wall of a lil over 14ft.

maybe I just need to find a single inverted-horn/Cornwall center, or hell, just invert a Cornwall vertically.

what kind of 67" TV you have? any magnetic interference

problems? probably not if it's not a CRT (I hope).

I have a B&K Ref 31 & Ref 7270 amp, so hookup should be no problem.

thanks much!


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TV is a Hitachi 65" HD rear project. My equipment is above the TV and I don't have any magnetic interference problems. I have a solid board between the equipment and the TV fors support and that might stop any problems. My room is 24.5 ' from corner to corner and that is how I am able to use two Belles for the center. Pictures here http://forums.klipsch.com/photos/the_klipsch_gallery/category1021.aspx

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78K, thanks again. yeah, w/ an RPTV you

shouldn't have any MI anyway, as the guns are far away at the bottom of

TV (as far as I've heard). some sticklers may claim that

unshielded speaks can affect an RPTV or even LCD, but I think it's

mainly a CRT problem.

I know it was when I put my klf-30 about 6 in on each side of my

Toshiba CRT Theaterwide at the old place. I had to put bucking

mags on each of the 8 total drivers (no shield cups).

myself, & I ain't no carpenter.

btw, great room, sys & set-up. I wanted a wider wall & 4

corners all around, but needed some decks too. I'll try to

attach a pic of the start of it here.


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If my TV was configured like yours I would think about building or buying a stand that would raise the TV higher and allow for one of my Belles to fit beneath it. I would then use the other Belle for a back channel. This is probably the way I will go when the time comes for the next TV.

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what? I already found this hard to find $400 (negociated down

from $500 at Circuit City) stand that perfectly matches the TV &

puts it at perfect eye-level from the seating. I already

would have to take back the center mount I got for the C-7 to go top

the TV [:D]

reason? you think it's too low? I gots plenty o' room

for a wall mount above it. just don't want it falling on the

TV. & that wall isn't part of the basement foundation -

it's actually wood frame above ground, as the ground slopes

dramatically away from foundation from right to left. hope

the studs are in the right place. :-)

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78K, I wouldn't be suprised if Sony were to come out w/ a 70"

version in this SXRD LCOS, maybe when all the copyright issues are

worked out/HDMI so that it could support a 1080p input. at the

moment, the 50 & 60 only accept as high as a 1080i & then

deinterlace to 1080p.

or maybe even before all that.

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all I am using from within the cabs are the k-22's wired parallel to a type B network crossed at 400hz to the 511b

Jwcullison lent me his knowledge as to the wiring of them, and they do quite well. lotsa punch. It was the inexpensive solution to getting as close to my mains as possible. I am very satisfied with where its at now.

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