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trade my academy for a cwIII

ken kaz

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across the front i have a couple of chorus IIs and an academy.

periodically i distory my academy when i really get it loud.

thinking about upgrading it to a CW111 or the new heresy III......

i have two SVS subs doin all the lower work, so i have everything set to small. would the CWIII be a waste in this situation?

is this idea silly?

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The CIII and HIII will not match sonically to the CII's, your best bet is another CII.

You could also try setting the Academy to "small" so it can handle the high SPL's better, or lastly you could update the el cheapo network in that speaker so that it performs better at higher levels.

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You must have a huge room or really be whaling on that Academy or all of the above. I never hear any distress from my Academy, even at ludicrous volumes.

Just the same, another Chorus II is the ultimate replacement option, followed by a Forte II and then a Quartet. Anything else is a step in the wrong direction IMO.

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I haven't been here for about 5 years, but when I left, If someone even

mentioned in passing that they were thinkin' of "releasing" an academy,

they'd be swarmed like.... well you know(?). is the market now in

my favor? LOL

ken, I am in the market for an academy & would buy it from you

outright, given condition & finish (well, no biggie on that,

probably). which finish is it? (not that you would really want to

sell it)

I'm in bad need of a good academy, as w/ the new house & TV, &

Cornwalls, I need its perfect center which would sit atop the sony w/

the omni-mount. I was going to get another C-7 for the required

rear surround, but this way I could get the best match for a Cornwall

(well, besides a Cornwall) & move the ole C-7, currently at FC, back to join

its brothers.

Ken, I implore you, please let my FC C-7 reunite w/ its siblings! :-)

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olrin & silver-s, any heresy better than academy, or the

new heresy III? wonder if the heresy III, w/ its new horn tweeter

(I think) is a timbre match or mismatch for my '84 Cornwall 1.5s.


I may have to call the dealer on the heresy III, in Cherry. still

don't like the idea of laying a heresy on its side for a center.

maybe klipsch would custom make a heresy as a center w/ the horns

turned. (?)

I did wonder about the Academy at "only" 96db as a match to Corns, but

then again my older Corns are "only" 98db, not as high as the new

ones (the III).

when I left here back in 2000, the academy was the holy grail for a

smaller center that matched well the Heritage (especially Cornwalls

& some have said the academy was made just for the Cornwall II),

& you could put it on top 'o TV.

has that changed, or is it subjective? even though

it's all

subjective - it's just a matter of degree. [:|]

thanks for the input!

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I think the Academy IS still the "Grail" center but the "best" match is what you have...At Indy Pilgrimage many said the HIII's sounded more like the Heresys than the HIIs...so the "best" match is another CII for you but Academy is still a great center (a little smaller too if that matters)


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"so the "best" match is another CII for you but Academy is still a

great center (a little smaller too if that matters)" Bill

Bill, yeah it does matter here, because I really don't want to

mount a 100lb Cornwall I.5 on the wood frame wall above my new $4000

tv. [:D]

so I need to know whether (which) heresy, or if the academy, will be best for a TV-top mount.

I'm going to start a new "standoff" thread on it here in HT.



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Well at the risk of ruffling some feathers here (...and why not!) I had a KLF-C7 and currently have an Academy and Heresys...for me the Heresy sounds a bit better than the Academy with my HT Heresy mains but is too big...that's why I have kept the Academy...I really didn't hear a whole lot of difference between the KLF-C7 and the Academy...go figure...sorry, this doesn't make things easier for you and in fact stirs up my own internal debate on which I would rather have as my center...the Heresy (for an all Heresy front) or the Academy.


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thanks guys. great info all.

so here's my bottom line, i.e., dilemma, trilemma, or quadralemma:

do I get an Academy in Oak for $400+ (my Corns are refinished in a

splendid Cherry), or do I go for a Heresy II (used, & probably using only one out of the pair)), or Heresy III

(new, & definitely a single in Cherry)?

you know I'll be on a personal quest for the answer (or those who know me do). [:D]

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If I'm in your shoes, I get an original Heresy, replace the capacitors so the network is fresh, and stand the beast upside down on a wall-anchored TV mount. This way I have timbre match, proper horn orientation, the tweeters closer to being the same height across the front than with the Heresy right-side-up, and money left in my pocket from the Academy I didn't buy that would have left me wanting anyway.

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