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Anybody Using A Heresy Horizontal Between Cornwalls?


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hopefully the last time on my set-up research.

I'll have a 14ft-Wide wall for the front array, & w/ Cornwalls

('84, Series I w/ the horn from the II so therefore a 1.5) in each

front corner.

how well would a heresy III (cherry to match the Corns) on its side,

horizontal, mounted on top of TV (see start-up pic) w/ an omni-mount

platform work?


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I can see how for aesthetic reasons why you would want to do

that....but you would get far better acoustical results keeping those

horns firing in their normal orientation...I bet if you contacted

klipsch you might be able to get a special order built for you with a

rotatable horn section (like they do with some of their pro cinema


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