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PWK-4138594-Low Freq Folded Exp Horn


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PWK used~ door wings~ on front which could act as cover to smooth the truncated mid bass horn,is this a"Little Bastard"?

This is the 1979 "Little Bastard" patent. Essentially the same performance as the La Scala in a smaller 18x18" footprint.

BTW, the patent text is practically a how-to on bass horn design. It also includes a crossover design. One of my favs.


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Someone, in my area put a pair in the dumpster, i ad kindly adopted them, they are in bad shape, but nothing serious that sandblast wouldn't resolve. But was it worth it, to save them, they seams DIY to the correct spec with the second drawing i see here, the Karlson


what do you thing, give them a refurbishing new life? for my second system?

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