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Sony 42" TV !!!

Bill H.

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Bill H.,

Congrats and welcome to the world of Sony HDTV LCD's...

You will be very happy with the results. If you have time run a search on avsforum for all the tweeks to enhance you picture quality..makes a World of difference!

Also what are you using for a DVD player?

Enjoy [:D][:P][:D]

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btw, if that's the KDF LCD, I got that same Sony down to $1750 + tax at

best buy for my girlfriend's twin sister. (YES, Best Buy & CC

& such WILL negociate price!). It DOES have an

excellent picture. be sure to set your cable box output (if

available) to output in ONLY 720p. the sonies like to get

fed the same resolution as their native, especially if you have a good chip in the box to do it for' em.

for my 1080p, I output w/ my SciAtlanta Explorer 8300 in ONLY 1080i, as

that box has the ATI WonderChip for a scaler, & then my Sony just

takes that 1080i & line-doubles (deinterlaces) it to1080p.

even best to do that way for standard definition TV, though we know how

crummy an SD output can be on such fine (revealing) TVs. a

lot like klipsch playing a crappy recording. ;-)

as for a dvd, until we get true HD-DVD (or Sony's Blu-Ray) output, I'm keeping my cheap Toshiba, 540p progressive, which the

Sonies can simply scale to 720p or 1080p (a nice 2X multiplier of the


happy viewing!


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Excellent price and TV Bill...I will be in the market soon and as much as I like the 50" SXRD...I feel the screen is probably too big for my viewing area...this may be the one...I will have to use your deal as leverage at BestBuy!


That's the one I'm looking at also. It may be next years model by the time I save up the coin though.

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Got mine for 1,690.00(bt) with free shipping and they threw in 80.00 componet video cables!"

nice, was that online &/or a mail order house? I got my SXRD

for $3900 no tax delivered by private truck (after airlifted from JFK

to KCI) from a good outfit/people in Syracuse, NY.

however, the g-friend's sis HAD to buy local. you know women. ;-)

what box is it you have? Scientific Atlanta (Explorer), Motorola, or Pioneer?

that's usually covering all.


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