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need help choosing speakers to replace KG3.5 and find a retailer


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I've had KG 3.5's as my mains for years but finally graduated and got a job so looking to blow some cash. I just bought a new Onkyo TX-SR703 receiver and want to upgrade my speakers. I was looking at RF-35's and RF-7 but I can't find a retailer in my area that carries them. All the places that show up when I use the "Find A Dealer" no longer carry Klipsch at all. I was debating moving the KG's to the surrounds and getting a new center as well. The only place I can find that has Klipsch is Best Buy and they only have the synergy, and vac2buy or somethin like that and they don't have the rf-35's or rf-7 in stock. I know a little about home audio but am in no way an expert. I am wondering if the RF-7's are too much the Onkyo. I don't want to get a really nice pair of speakers if the receiver isn't good enough to truely enjoy em. Maybe I should just go with the synergy? Also just saw some article on the new Klipsch coming out. Is it worth waiting for? I live in the LA area so I am sure there is a reputable dealer out here somewhere I can audition the speakers at. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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If you tell us your city, state someone here (like a mod) might be able to help you find a dealer.

Also, as was mentioned, Klipsch is moving some stuff out directly on Ebay which will have full factory warranty since it comes directly from them (unlike the other stuff found on-line).

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