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Ref IV Speakers


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When are the specs going to be posted? This is driving me nuts!!! Has anyone heard anything I haven't? I've asked my local dealer (who says I can order them, but he doesn't know when they'll arrive or when specs will be available???) and Klipsch, who says the same thing. It doesn't seem very productive to have discontinued most of the Ref III series before the IV's were available to ship. I hope they're available soon, I can't stand it much longer as I am in the process of getting a new system. Oh well, patience is a virtue.

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We're working on it!!!!


Final specs have to be approved by engineering--we can't just throw them up willy-nilly, and final pricing has to be approved by everyone--we just can't pick a price willy-nilly! [;)]

I'm supposed to get the specs tomorrow, and little ol' me will be plugging them into the form, one by one, to be posted on the website....promise!

Sorry for the silly post, but all these new products are making me light-headed.

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