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New Klipsch HT user


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I'm new to this home theatre thing and I just had some

questions. I purchased a pair of the RF15 floor speakers, along with

the RS10 center and a pair of the RC10 rears. I upgraded(I hope) from

an Onkyo HT in a box, and I'm still using the original reciever from

that package. Its rated at 100 watts a channel, but seeing as it came

from a HT in a box I was wondering if I need something better to power

these Klipsch. Also, I paid $750 for all the Klipsch speakers, and was

wondering if that sounds like a decent price. The eventual plan is to

upgrade the RF15s to something better and put the RF15s to the side to

get 7.1. I'm a poor college student so this upgrading idea is farrrr

down the road, but I just wanted some feedback on the direction I was

going. Thanks

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look at a used HK 135, Denon 1803/1805 and look at getting a nice sub...

small svs,

the sub-12 from klipsch (great sub!)

Always good to keep your goals in mind....last year I started with a set of promedia ultras...in college (still am) and my goal was to get the best possible...now look where I am at, more klipsch than I need but not more than I want...and probably (with certainity) I have one of the best systems on campus.

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