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which do you think sounds better and is more effecient CF-4 or the RF-7s


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What other klipsch speakers have you heard and enjoyed? The reason I

ask is because the CF series has a totally different sound as compared

to everything else. I know I'd take a pair of cornwall, chorus, or

forte over the CF's...

probably the RF-7 over them as well, but I

haven't had a chance to do a direct comparison.

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Well, Its all a matter of taste.. I personally like the Epic CF-4's over the RF-7's the thing with the Epics are that Klipsch had made three versions of them. They were originally designed to have a very flat smooth response with deep bass.and the horn in the middle is a D'Appolito alignment which means you have to be sitting down to get the best presentation. The first version changed when the dealers complained that they didn't have the traditional Klipsch in your face slam... but that was the whole idea! I just recently acquired a pair of version 1 CF-4's and I must say they are truly smooth and have a fuller sound compared to my Legends. But I like the Legends for HT. The CF-4 and the RF-7's are both a great speaker I think you will find the RF-7's more common than the CF-4's...But if you find a pair you might want to snag them.

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I heard the CF 4 a long time ago and thought it was the best thing I have ever heard, and I noteced is was rated a 102 db which is more than the RF-7s

Since when is 102db more than 102db??


Floorstanding Loudspeaker



32Hz-20kHz ±3dB


250 w max continuous (1000 w peak)


102dB @ 2.83 volts/1 meter

[:^)] [:^)]
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