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University DeanS-one on Ebay, one in Chicago, one in Florida


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You said you installed legs on your Deans and now using them in vertical config. Do you have pictures?

No I don't , but I'll take some for you. I just got a new camera and I need to try it out.

You will laught when you see the legs, they are just some 1x3 boards screwed on the back. The speaker is still in the same crude condition as seen in the pictures that I just posted. When I built it I cut parts for two, but only assembled the one. The parts for the other speaker are still stacked on a shelf. I want to experiment with this speaker some more before I decide what to do with it. It is now serving duty as my rear center channel. That is why I stood it on end. I wanted the midrange horn and tweeter higher.

I need to finish my Altec / Klipschorn to replace the Universiy. Then I can put the University in another room where I can play with it again.

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Great pictures, Q-Man!!

University calls the Classic a lowboy or a highboy, and the Dean just a lowboy. NOT ANYMORE!!! It also looks better than a Classic!

The angled rear corners make your Dean look much smaller, too. I think if it is painted black with black grille and silver posts for legs, it will be a match to my JVC projection TV.

That's a really impressive collection of horns you've got. What are you using for the center, Q? I can make out the Altec 311 and the tweeter, but is there a bass section up there?

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