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If I were to buy a budget EQ, what should I look for in one? What is the minimum number of bands that one should have?

Anyone know what frequency that the treble & bass knobs on an HK 730 boost/cut and by what amount?

If I buy one, should I hook up my system like Pre-out, EQ, Subwoofer, Pre-in


Pre-out, Subwoofer, EQ, Pre-in? Would it make a difference either way?

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Personally, I'd skip the EQ thang, especially a cheap one. On the other hand if you want to experiment Alesis makes a fairly nice 1/3 octave band graphic unit thats inexpensive, or may be out of production now & you could pick up a used one real cheap.

Parametric EQ's are generally better because you can vary the center frequency and bandwidth, but these usually have fewer bands and are more expensive.

There's also some units from Behringer that a few Forum members seem to like but as with all of these cheaper units, I can hear them in the signal chain so I prefer not to use them and do my "EQing" acoustically.


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