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A reason to watch Olympic Curling


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yeah I never understood the sport. What's the deal with the scrub brush on a stick?

My g/f's dad is a curler and he told me that when they create the curling ice they also sprinkle water to make tiny little bubbles/imperfections. And hence its hard to throw the rock down in a straight line, they use the sweepers to melt those imperfections to manipulate the path of the rock.

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lol guys, I love watching curling...don't be dissing the only sport old fat man can still be competive in [;)]

It's funny, every year me and my college buddies get into debates about

which events shouldn't be considered sports and curling is always one

of them that comes up. I love arguing in the defense of curling just

because it's such a silly, but cool event [H]

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