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A reason to watch Olympic Curling


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Injecting the subjective evaluation of a judge who is free to interpret the performance as they see fit makes for a completely different scenario than what OT was referring to in curling. If the stone stops in a certain area, it is a score, if it slides past, it is not. No judge has any chance to skew or control the outcome. The worst events IMO are the ones where the performer gets two scores, one for execution or technical competence, and another for 'style.' The style part really can get out of hand as there is no standardized basis for scoring it.

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Last night I was searching desperatly for something to look at on the tube...and behold!!!!


Random thoughts.

Alot of jewlery being worn, Some very pretty earrings.

The "Stones" had a very similar appearance to bedpans. Not that I'm an expert.

The sweepy, scrubby action with the broom thingies did not seem to do squat!

I have better results duct taping dish cloths to my slippers and doing the

"MOP FOOT BOOGIE" to clean the kitchen floor.

Maybe the cat hair adds the appropriate friction coefficient.

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