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I do not own them, however I stopped in The Little Guys in Glenwood, Ill. on Saturday and gave a pair a listen. I was hoping they did not sound good, but to my surprise I was very impressed. (They were driven with a Maranz reciever). The salesman said he was not a big fan of Klipsch, but he thought they did a good job with the RF-83's. I would have to agree. I own RF-7's with Deans mod and would not trade them for the world, but I was impressed with the RF-83's. The price was 1,249.00 per speaker.

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I remember why its more expensive due to bracing and so fourth. But one

should not be dissuaded due to seeing the price increase without seeing

the quoted price. Its sorta like looking at an item that you want to

buy and when it goes on sale you ****** it but if the sale wasn't know

or exposed enough you would have never brought it. Hence losing a sale

which is a shame due to mitigating circumstances...... wow I'm talking

more like a lawyer everyday......

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