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I am a Wuss :(


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I just like to crank it hard after playing moderately loud levels for a while. The capper is to crank the snot out of it for about 2 songs and go "wow!" Then, turn it off.

I agree Jeff. Some songs just demand cranking it up, such as Robin Trower's "Day of the Eagle" (definitely not Wuss the Eagle).

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Me too [;)]

I start to get uncomfortable around 95dB, though that number is slowly

increasing [:@] I usually listen around 70-80dB, sometimes even lower.

Of course at live concerts you're looking at volumes of 110dB+ (ya,

even when I'm mixing too), but it doesn't seem as loud as when at

home....I think it has to do with the fact that the noise floor is

louder and the volume increase is more gradual so the ears have plenty

of time to plug up with earwax.

hahaha this is to the man that wants the flattest loudest sub around [;)]

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hahaha this is to the man that wants the flattest loudest sub around [;)]

Correction...I'm not after the loudest sub around. It's the same

analogy with horns...the design is there to make them sound better -

the fact that max SPL increases crap loads is just a pleasant side


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So to all of you out there that claim you regularly enjoy listening to your system in the 120 db+ range I must officialy proclaim you as NUCKING FUTS !!! Then again maybe I am just a Wuss . Dang , I guess this should have been a poll ....

I don't think anyone takes it into the 120db range esp RMS... that is dangerously loud.

I do enjoy raising the volume every once and a while... can reach into the teens for that occasional song... BUT... this happens mostly because it is easier the hit those SPL with low frequency material than with classic rock.

In other words a 40Hz tone at 115db does not sound anywhere as loud as a 2000Hz tone at the same volume... This, BTW, is the basis of the Fletcher-Munson Curves...


You have got a great point there . I love going to the drag races . Fuel Cars in person are awe inspiring . I usually attend the Gators in Florida and the Southern Nats in Georgia . The fuel cars are some of the loudest machines on the planet and I love em' . The alchohol cars on the other hand are not as loud but the whine of the blower drives and higher rpms bothers my ears . " I usualy head for the pits right after the professional catagories run " . I don't think my SPL meter could measure the fuel cars I'm sure they are above 130 db at launch .
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Nucking Futs very well put. I suppose I try to take at face value people who claim to do this but somewhere deep inside I call BS. If I listen at 90+ I am doing it for a very short run maybe a coupe songs. I've heard people say "well if your system is set up properly you can stand 110+" or the better your system sounds the easier it is to listen at extremely high volumes. Again I call BS. Yes you can tolerate louder volumes but only to an extent, a 100+ level is absurd, as a transient spike it is tolerable, but RMS no friggin way! As indicated earlier you are talking about serious hearing damage if you listen at such a level. My average is in the 70s and some in the 80s but I just cant take super loud volume for more than a short spurt. So yeah call me a wuss too!

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