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Ideal Chorus II speaker positioning?


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I don't know what the optimal CII speaker positioning is and I was hoping I could get some advice. The attached picture is how I have them set up now. For perspective, the room is 15ft (w), 20ft (l) and 8ft ceiling. The CII's in the picture are spaced at 9ft apart and very slightly toed in, 2ft from the back wall and 1.5ft from the side wall.

I don't think this is the right distance for a PR speaker, so I'm looking for advice.




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Just as an experiment, I would try moving your left CII to the left and

bring the subwoofer on the inside. I've helped some guys with similar

rooms/setups to yours and it always ended up sounding better that way.

As far as toe-ing in is concerned, you want to point the speakers

directly at the main listening position. Moving the speakers wider will

allow you to toe them in more, which will also reduce the amount of

early side reflections off your side walls.

You might also consider moving the speakers a bit forward too...as far as you think is aesthetically pleasing.

Speaker positioning is one of those free mods you can do to your system

that can also have a pretty dramtic effect. So feel free to experiment

and note the difference between each position before you try the next

one. Heck, for experimentation purposes try pulling your speakers a

good 5 feet into the middle of the room.

Btw, are those doorways to the room behind the speakers, or are those

pillars? With all that space you could custom build yourself one insane

subwoofer...and in the meantime the volume taken up by the sub would

help alleviate the helholtz radiator action those corners probably have.

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DrWho - those are doorways to get behind and into the built-in space. I have to shave about 1" off the bottom of the doors so they can close. Right now, they are too low and the speaker cables get in the way. After I get the doors to close I'll try and swap the left CII with the RSW-15 and then move the right CII closer to the wall.

Wuzzzer - That is pretty high for a center channel isn't it [:)] Unfortunately, I wanted to keep the shelf for the HDTV at around 30" and I wanted to have 3 shelves for audio gear (with a little room to breath). So that left me with having to place the KLF-C7 above the HDTV space. I plan on tilting it at an angle so that it points directly at the couch seating area.

Thanks for the advice on the CII placement!

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lol, if you get "boom in the corner" then you've got some acoustical

issues to sort out - there is nothing inherant about the corner that

makes the CII's boomy at all (cuz that's where I have mine) [;)]

In your man cave....I should point out that those front corners are

going to act like helmholtz resonators (a fancy way of saying they will

have an inherant resonance...kinda like porting the room). This can be

either good or bad and I suppose if I wasn't too lazy we could

calculate some of the offending frequencies. It is further compounded

by the fact that your doors are forced open right now [;)]

Anyways, the point is that in order to get best bass response you

really need to look at some acoustical treatment. My speaker

positioning suggestion had way more to do with the mid/high

frequencies...and getting the sub out a bit from the corner will reduce

it's boominess. I would suggest an 80Hz crossover with the CII's if

you're not doing that already...

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