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Post your favorite well-recorded CDs


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Everyone has their favorite songs, bands, etc.

How about the CDs you have that have the best recordings? Many of the CDs I've had for years sound terrible on my RF-7s. SSSSSSSSSSSSome of the voice SSSSSSSSSSibalance in many recordings make me wonder if the audio engineers even care what the music they put out sounds like.

A band that I was really impressed with is Guns 'N' Roses, especially Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion I + II. The Pink Floyd "Echoes" 2-disc set is also very easy on the ears at loud levels.

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Off the top of my head I can't remember a whole lot of the good stuff. Honestly, I've not listened to much of my CD collection after I got my speakers. Since I'm always trying to find new and exciting music, I've been focused on SACD, DVD, or Sirius Radio while the rest of my collection sits in a corner and rots. I like electronica style stuff (Kruder&Dorfmeister), but the nature of that music lends itself to sounding good anyways. I can say that most of the stuff recorded in the 80's is completely flawed. The mighty 7s are not very forgiving when it comes to fidelity.

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Dream Theater-Images and Words, Train of Thought

Trans Siberian Orchestra-all

Sarah McLachlan-Afterglow

Allison Krauss and Union Station-Live

Charlotte Martin-On Your Shore

Holler-A Little Piece of Quiet

Diana Krall-all

Emmylou Harris-Stumble Into Grace

Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon

Lacuna Coil-Coma Lies, Unleashed Memories

Queensryche-Empire, Operation Mindcrime, Promised Land

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Delbert McClinton Live; the Band Rock of Ages; the Led Zepplin box set (the first one);the London Sessions,Jerry lee Lewis;Sticky Fingers,the Stones; Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd; these are all great sounding disc. You really need OPTICAL cable to get the best sound, rca plug cables don't do a good job. Switching to the optical cable made my cd player sound new, what a difference.

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You really need OPTICAL cable to get the best sound, rca plug cables don't do a good job. Switching to the optical cable made my cd player sound new, what a difference.

This depends greatly on the source component and the receiver/pre pro. You have to experiment to hear which way sounds better in a given system.

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This got a bit off topic on the 2ch Beach Boys thread, so I moved it here.

Gil wrote:

"I too am unhappy that so many of the seminal albums are a bit muddy. (CS&N is one.) "

Exactly! I SO WISH someone would clean up CS&N and Deja Vu. I love those albums!

Digitally Remastered on Atlantic 82649-2 Got it in right now. Astoudingly clean!


for any old Wooly-Bully fans out there, MCA did nice work on some

Steppenwolf classics on their 20th Century Masters- Millenium

Collection CD's. 10 fantastic digital remastered tracks.

The big hair band Cinderella got the same treatment on same label.


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Considering it's a live album, Pink Floyd: 'Pulse' (1995) is extremely well done in my opinion.

I've noticed that many recordings done in the 1980's by Geffen Records had unusually wonderful sound quality, both on CD and Vinyl releases. Geffen was eventually purchased in 1990 by MCA and is now part of Universal Music group. Since then, the sound quality I had enoyed from this company in the 80's has vanished. Some of the groups mentioned by others in this thread such as Guns and Roses, were part of the Geffen catalog back then. Prior to joining VanHalen, Sammy Haggar turned out some great work for Geffen. The sound was very rich and full.

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Prince - Kamasutra (Bonus CD with the Crystal Ball set)

John Lee Hooker - Alone (Vol. 1)

Finding Forrester - Soundtrack to the movie

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers (song - Sister Morphine)

Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection (song - Madman across the Water)

Van Morrison - The Philosopher's Stone

Joan Osbourne - Relish

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Although a tad on the bright side, all the Elton John SACDs are great.

Steely Dan's "Goucho" on SACD is great.

Thelonious Monk's "Straight, No Chaser" is amazing on SACD. It's not a hybrid though.

Art Pepper's "So In Love" SACD hybrid from Analoque Productions is amazing. AMAZING!

Diana Krall's "The Girl In The Other Room" on SACD is really good.

For you classical fans, the Living Stereo SACDs are fantastic too.

There are many more but some have been named already or my memory ain't what it used to be (or both).

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