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John Coltrane help


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You are asking some good questions, but difficult ones.

Both these artists went through different styles as they evolved. So depending which style one likes, you can get very different answers.

My suggestion would be to try "Kind of Blue" & "Sketches of Spain" for Miles Davis. The first is an absolute classic and has been nicely re-mastered for CD. These two will also show two very different kinds of sound from Miles Davis.

For John Coltrane, I would suggest "Giant Steps" and "My Favorite Things" (these have mostly shorter cuts and can be more accessible for the new listener). I would also suggest "A Love Supreme". This later one has a different feel from the first two and it is considered by some to be his best.

Most of the CDs I have just recommended are probably available at the public library if you want to demo them first.

Good Luck,


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