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My New MonoBlocks!


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Yes I have lusted for a pair of Craig's VRDs but still a little too rich for my blood.

I'm told by Will Vincent, (the technician who did my MKIIIs) that there are one or two others on the Klipsch Forum who have amps he's gone through.

We came to an agreement on a price and I should have them by the middle of next week,... AudiogoN ForSale: Dynaco pair mk iii 60 Watt Tube Amp

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Last year I got a pair of these Mark III's done just like this by autospec. I have been delighted with the performance of these amps. Also, the builder is a super guy and a pleasure to know.

Another forum member, Clarence, has an autospec ST-70, it's on his avatar... and there are at least a couple of forum members with his rebuilt baldwin amps.

The quality of his rebuild routine makes for an amplifier that is literally better than new. The MarkIII's never looked this good, even new. IMO

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What a great pair of MKIIIs -- congrats! What's neat about Autospec's work is that he is not only a true veteran in vacuum tube electronics, but also a very talented metal smith. Moreover, the prices he asks for his rebuilds are extremely reasonable. He is someone who really loves the hobby, and is constantly working.

I really like what he does with some of his Dyna-70s, too.

Have fun,

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Those look very nice! They were amongst the "final two" options for my friend, who opted for the VRD's instead. I can see lots here buying those rebuilds though - they look as good as I have ever seen a Dynaco look - and the workmanship is superb. If you want my opinion, the autospec amps are priced TOO LOW.......given the work necessary to do this, he's not doing this for the money as much as for the LOVE.

And I must say that I am most pleased to see this level of restoration on vintage gear. These gears deserve this treatment.

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Congratulations on your new amps. Excellent choice by the way, I think you will enjoy them a great deal. Which system are these going to go into of the ones you have listed in your profile?


I'm going to have them in my main system, in my living room. They will be paired with a McIntoch C11 tube pre amplifier that Craig at NOS Valves went through for me last year.

I happened to see an ST 70 that "Audiospec" (Will Vincent, the fella I bought the MKIIIs from) did and I was astounded at the attention to detail he puts into his rebuilds. Although I admit I don't really go for white or Farrari yellow ST70s the way he powdercoats every piece before he builds them back up adding thoughtful little updates like a power switch with a cool little blue LED light to the front of the amps not to mention relocating the fuse and all updated binding posts and gold RCA outputs to the back of the amps shows the degree he's willing to go through when taking on a project. I also prefer IEC connectors so I can use the power cords I build.

Like I said I have lusted for a pair of Craig's VRDs but this pair of MKIII was just too good to pass up. I can't wait to integrate them into my main system and listen to how they drive my LaScalas. (as well as mating to Craig's rebuild of my McIntosh C11)


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So you are getting a pair of black MarkIII's, right? They are also my preference to the white or yellow units. But will does have a great time with the colors. I have seen pics of one of his units that started with a pair of Mark III's that he built on to a single stereo chassis. One heavy rascal... and it was painted with a kind of violet color. Actually looked pretty cool.

Will has come up with a great design for improving the mark III's. Moving all the connections to the back and adding the faceplate and blue LED on the front makes these things look absolutely awesome.

I took a pair with me to the Klipsch gathering in Hope last year and had fun showing them off.

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