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Moved my RF-7s to the long wall


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Thanks to the recommendation by a fellow forum member, I experimented with moving my RF-7s along the long wall of my room. I listened to my speakers for a couple hours last night and must say that I am very pleased with the results.

Here's how my stereo used to be situated:


Notice the speakers are only a couple of inches away from the side walls.

And here's how it looks now:


Hard to see in the pic because I can't get far enough back to show that the right speaker is now a good 3 feet from the side wall (left speaker is about 10 feet from the side wall) and the speakers are about 8 feet apart. Fortunately my A/V stand is on wheels so it makes it easy to move it around the room.

Stereo separation is improved immensely, gone are the intense early reflections from the speakers being so close to the side walls. A lot of the high frequency harshness has also been removed.

I also separated my RCA cables to the right side of the A/V stand and all power cords to the left side. Made for a much cleaner look and also I don't have a very very faint buzzing sound that was caused by interference from something.

It really goes to show that placement is almost everything when it comes to getting great sound from these speakers.

Now I just need to have Dean work his magic on my crossovers and I'll be set!

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