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La Scala problem follow-up


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Hey, again!

I just got off the phone with the guy I bought these from several years ago (aren't Klipsch people nice - how many things do people sell and never want to hear from the buyer again!!). He told me about the fuses in the crossovers. Sure enough, one of the fuses looks totally blown since the little wire inside is broken and there's a small brownish spot on the fuse. So getting ready to go to Radio Shack and replace. But the other speaker was still not sounding so great, but its fuse looks fine (will replace anyway). Now, one fuse - broken one was a BUSSAGC2A, but the other is a BUSSAGC 1 1/2. Lewis said to just go with the 2's and I will. My next question, is there any reason one blowing would affect the other speaker? Also, just to be sure I'm on the right track, shouldn't I hear bass or something if I stick my head in the front bottom part of the speaker (either side of the V)? I can put my hand on it and feel some small vibrations, but mids and highs are quite loud and couldn't hear any bass from that area. Sorry that seems so stupid. Anyway, off to the store! Hope this solves it! Who knew there'd be fuses in there! Thanks for any comments.


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