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Waverly Hills Sanatorium photos


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There was some cool things going on. We saw a lot of dark figures

moving back and forth in the hallway. I got to go down the active part

of the hallway with just the tour guide and no one else. My wife and

other people in the group said when we were about 5-8 feet away a black

mass was behind us and they could no longer see us. Then a minute later

they could see us again but said dark figures were moving around us.

While we were standing in a group what felt like a cold breeze moved

through the group. It stopped then completly reversed direction and

moved back through the group again. A guy on the tour with a craftsman

temperature gun said there were spots all around us that were up to 30

degrees colder than the rest of the floor. It's something to experience. We reserved an all night tour this summer.

Yes it is terrible about all of the graffiti. The previous owner wanted to tear down the building and couldn't afford the demolition costs. So he opened up the building to vandalism hoping to get it condenmed. Fortunatly he gave up and sold the property. The current owners take all of the money from the tours and put it into restoring the building.

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Moon at the end of August a few friends and I have the whole place reserved to ourselves from midnight till 8 am.

I dunno. If I knew my ticker could handle it, I'd be very interested in that oportunity.


Probably not. but maybe.

I'm sure all night I'd be screaming like a little girl.

None the less, PLEASE do everyting you can to take pics and video. I'm VERY interested in hearing about your evening. That was a very interesting story about that place.

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with the first picture, that is just dust in the air that against a dark night sky is emphasized. You really cannot see it until the flash pops and emphasizes the small pieces

Also funny thing with the "someone behind my back feeling," I remember it was caused by infrasonic sounds or sounds below the human hearing (<20 hertz)

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What a cool place, but it does give me the creeps reading the stories about the place.

I don't know if I would want to spend the night there tho.......

The only time I have been in a situation like that was when I was in High School, a few of us went out to Shafter Lake near Andrews, TX. There is an old cemetary that we were walking around and reading the tombstones, it was a full moon night and no wind, while reading one stone it fell over[:o] no one toched it or anything we were just reading it. Needless to say we all ran for the car and hauled a$$ out of there. I will bet you will have some stories to tell when you spend the night. How many are in the group spending the night?


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will do. I'll post some photos and pm you with links to any vids and the rest of the photos. of course you could always come with and see it first hand.

If I was closer to the vicinity I might, but I live too far away. Luckly [;)]

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I use to do ghost hunting when I was younger and have some great pics, EVA and stories in my collections. Just be carefull. It is easy to get too deep into the unknown. I was getting too deep and decided to spend the time I have on this earth with the living not in a misunderstood unseen dimention that angels and demons share with us.

Most every town has some sort of situational haunting. In the US, Chicago and New Orleans are the absolute best IMO. In my area, there is an old courthouse and jail from the mid 1800's that is now a museum that has a lot of activity. Watch your feelings and mood changes. In the jail / courthouse I would suddenly get a feeling of deep dispair or anger, sometimes a feeling of depresion when an aparition would apear.

Situational hauntings are kind of like watching a movie and you can find repeatable patterns.

But I have to add that you do have to watch how deep you go into this hobby, Just watch out for when they try to contact you. Demons by nature try to trick you to lead your attention away from God. Once you try to contact them and communicate, they tend to look for you when they know you are interested in talking with them. Remember these beings have been here tempting generations before us know our history and can easily tell you true stories that happened to people in the past convinsing you that you are talking to a deceased person which I believe is not the case.


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Jay I know that is dust in the pics. The first pic was taken from the

roof. I just wanted to show how big and tall the building is.

Steve cool story. would love to have seen that.

Moon too bad your not closer, it will be fun

J thanks for the info. I have learned a lot about different paranormal phenonenon including demonic spirits. In this case at worst there are some angry spirits stuck in there. What is not widely known is that after TB was cured, Waverly was a geriatric center. It was shut down by the state for abuse of patients, including death by malnutrition.

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