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DTS or Dolby 5.1???


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I use both, but DTS gets the nod if both are present. DTS is usually more dynamic. Master and Commander adn War of the Worlds are good examples. Sometimes, the DD sound track is better. Pirates of the Carribean is a good example of a movie with a better DD sound track.

IMO it is better to have both options fully available. By fully avalable, I mean that it is good to have PL IIx and Neo6 processing available on both formats. Some receivers do not allow PL IIx on DTS tracks.


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DTS for majority of movies.... it seems even the DD on moveis that have a DTS track seem to have better sound...as if the sound editor put forth more effort...and cared a whole bunch for the sound...

every DVD movie has DD .... and it seems...that sound engineers are not spending the time to improve what could be better...IE...they just slap together the sound track...to get the DVD out the door..

now on THX mastered movies...the DD sound is great...

but for me if I see DTS..I skip the DD as it rarely sounds as good...so I say why bother when DTS is present...

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