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KSW-10 or KSW-12


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The ksw15 is usually around $349 + shipping. I think bigger is always better! Smile.gif


My system thus far:

1980 Cornwalls (mains)

19?? Heresy II's (rears)

2001 KLF-C7 (center)

2001 KSW15 (Subwoofer)

Onkyo TX-DS787 (reciever)

Kenwood DV402 (DVD)

Sony KV 27V55 (9 year old 27" TV)

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KSW-15 DEFINITELY!!! avman.


1-pair klf 30's

c-7 center

ksps-6 surrounds

sony strda-777ES receiver upgraded to v.2.02 including virtual matrix 6.1

sony playstation 2

dishnetwork model 7200 dishplayer satellite receiver/digital bitstream recorder

pioneer dvd player

sharp 35"tv

panamax max dbs+5 surge protector/power conditioner

monster cable interconnects/12 gua.speaker wire

a 'teens' sub coming!(RSW-15 LOOKIN'GOOD!)

KLIPSCH-So Good It Hz!

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Oups a bit late,the KSW12 is the better choice(bass quality and quantity)...GOOD CHOICE.


Ahem the sub that sets THE standard in 12" subs is the SVS Ultra.And the sub that sets the standard for compact 12" HT subs is the Sunfire Signature.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Hi. The klipsch KSW subs are good, but not great. Now I know this is a klipsch site, but I dont like Klipsch subs. I just baught a high end 10 incher, and it is cleaner then the KSW15. The Brand I got wasn't a Klipsch, but it was well worth it. So sad for me, my 10 inch costs the same as a klipsch 15 inch. But oh well, It was well worth it. If you have allready baught the sub, I hope it works out. Just dont blow a fuse like me tonight!!



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I bought a KSW12 and am quite happy with it. Maybe my ears just don't know better, but the system as a whole sounds awesome to me.



My system:

Denon AVR-1801 (ordered)

Pioneer VSX 454 receiver (retired soon)

Pioneer PD-F100 CD changer

Pioneer DV-414 DVD player

Klipsch KG5.5 main, KG.5 rear and KV-3 center

My website

rm -rf /bin/laden

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