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OT: Clarence has gone and done it now.


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Thanks to Clarance, I'm going to my local Vespa dealer on Tuesday to look at the GTS 250ie, in a recent post by me he brought up the scooters I talked about on my blog and asked if I ever ended up getting one. I didn't end up getting one thinking the Jeep would probably be a good thing to hang on to, and it's gotten really expensive to drive so I think the scooter thing might be happening after all.

80mpg you can't argue with that. Not to mention it will literally cut my insurance payment in HALF. Plus I will look cool riding it you know that ;)

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I miss Vespas, I used to ride one to school when I was a kid in India. There was something about them that I always liked, never could point my finger at it..but it definitely have a different vibe than riding a sport bike or a cruiser and such. Congrats RTTR, lets see some pics now... you know the drill!

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This from 4/26

"Well I was hoping this would be the best week for me in a while, being

that I'm probably gonna get my NAD preamp on Wednesday, I was hit with

some very sad news, my 7 year old Sheltie has cancer, and the operation

is going to cost $1000+ which my family doesn't have that kind of money

for right now, since my dad just had the leg surgery and that really

hurt our budget. The MRI today on the dog cost $600, that's a lot of

money. $600 bam just like that."

How is your dog doing?

If there's money woes in the family you might consider saving your $$ to help with your dog before buying a new toy.

Just my opinion.


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When I called RTTR out on this a few days ago when he posted wanting to buy a Rega TT, he said the dog was getting his surgery in 2 weeks.

I pray this is true.

But RTTR - I was questioning the 2 week wait. If this thing is growing behind his eye, pushing it out and the eye was red already - I'm curious why the long wait and if there was a way to get him in sooner? I was wondering how he's doing lately. If it's gotten worse, etc.

Colter - did you see the dog's picture on RTTR's website? What a cutie! Gorgeous.

(signed - animal lover)

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Here is the thing

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4, worth about $12,000 right now

2006 Vespa GTS 250ie about $6200 after tax and title

Insurance payments cut in HALF, gas payments cut even more then that. you get my drift. This thing will be a life safer.

What does that mean? I will have about $6k cash left over if I can sell it for what it's worth, ta da. Everyone will be happy, sing and dance.

Buying a new toy? Heck no, this will be my only mode of transporation, rain or shine.

And some of are are seeming to forget that the Rega turntable thing wasn't if ever going to happen for atleast 6 months. I also had plans to buy a NAD CD player this week but unless I can sell that Jeep and get some extra cash that won't be happening either.

So before you all start to gang up on me again, maybe you should all read thoes things on how this one little scooter will help me BIG time. Jumping to conclusions doesn't get anyone anywhere.

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Just trying to help. Your dog is very cool looking, I saw the photo on web site.

That sounds like a sounds economical and good environmental decision. You should be congratulated for your forward thinking on the vehicle deal. Do you have a buyer right away for your Jeep so the cash in hand will be immediate? If the Jeep isn't sold or ready for sale, do you have cash in hand for the Vespa?

At any rate, please understand our concern is for your dog. We do wonder 'why the wait ?' for surgery. And if money is any concern at all, and you do have cash, several of us are thinking - 'take care of your dog first- there is a definite time issue there- then be my guest, get the scooter, look cool and save fuel'

No one here is against the scooter idea, we're just urging you to think about your priorities. That's all. And we're not ganging up on you, these are our own independent opinions.


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RTTR - Not ganging up on you. Just worried about your pretty dog. I just would think his eye's gotta hurt and it sounded like something that should be fixed sooner rather than later. Maybe before more damage goes on. Did you talk to the vet or find anymore 'real' information as to what exactly is going on, etc? I think about your dog alot. I'm a bit emotionally invested in this story. Can't help it. That's all.

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I'd use the remaining $6000 you have left over to buy some kind of vehicle that you'd use in the winter, for grocery shopping, when its hailing, etc.

Getting a scooter is a great idea, especially with gas prices being so high. But relying on it as your only means of transportation might be something to rethink.

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and then winter comes...........

Get the honda fit you showed me..... 33 mpg city 40 mpg highway and not to mention its a real car..... heh sorry scotters and motorcycles are not winter vehicles.

Winter? What winter this is southern TN, no snow just around 30F for the lows but it's usally in the high 30's for most part, and I ride my mountain bike in that.

I haven't gotten a buyer for the Jeep yet, and haven't really put it on the market yet, I called Vespa of Memphis well actaully I emailed them about the GTS 250 and they said they are in VERY VERY high demand right now as are all the other models they sell, there is currently a long waiting list for them, so going on Tuesday I most likely will be ending up putting a deposit on one or something.

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So moving forward, how about your poor dog???

This story makes me sad.

The dog doesn't really seem to be bothered by it, i'm just affraid that if/when the surgery is done the eye will have to be removed and I'm not sure if I can bare looking at him the same way.

Life sucks, so much bad stuff happening in my family lately, my dads leg surgery, my dog, my sister getting pregant with her husband that can't even support her, it's like a bad Lifetime made for TV movie.

Anyway no more stories about my life... that's it, like Jay told me, this is a speaker forum, let's talk speakers.

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I guess if there IS a risk of losing his eye, the risk would go up the longer you postpone the surgery? That seems logical to me. And don't worry about he'll look if it does come to that (hopefully not)... It wouldn't be like a gapeing hole or anything. He'll just look like he's winking at you. It won't look as bad as you think. I guarantee it. But that might not even be in the cards anyway so don't worry. Just have a ton of fun with him and get him in. They'll likely give him pain pills after surgery. I always plan on pet surgeries right before the weekend so we can attend to them and offer comfort & cheering on. Mostly they like to sleep. :)

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I've had several older scooters (Vespa and Lambretta, and some mopeds to boot), and they sure are fun. I don't know a lot about the newer ones, and I'm sure they're plenty reliable, but they are scooters... so no real payload capacity, and no passengers (at least not in much comfort). You might look into a used Honda or something less expensive and just as reliable. Vespas are cool, but in my experience, are not something you want to rely on day-in and day-out. Say you have a wedding to get to and it's raining... are you just going to go wet?

If mileage is what you're looking for, shop for a good used VW TDI. I have a '98 that I paid $5k for, and it returns 45+ mpg consistently. If you sell your Jeep you can buy one of these outright and get liability-only insurance. They're great cars. If that tickles your fancy AT ALL, check out tdiclub.com and get some more info on what to look for. They even had a F/S forum there.

Good luck with the pooch; hope everything turns out alright!

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A Vespa! WOW!!!!! Now THAT's a chick magnet. LOL.........

Listen - no disrespect, but here's the reality......if you haven't ridden motorcycles before, don't have a subscription to at least 2 motorcycle magazines, own serious riding gear, belong to at least one motorcycle forum, then you're kidding yourself about riding year 'round.

In my over 25+ years of riding, I've ridden in all manners of weather - yes even snow (which BTW, was NOT by choice). And I even went through a spell where my bike (H*nda 650 Silver Wing) was my sole transportation for 2 years. And what did I need for year 'round riding? A serious rainsuit (think $200), an electric vest (around $300 plus the electrics to maintain a certain temperature), leather jacket (another $500), decent helmet (my head is worth at least $400), gloves (goodbye to $100), boots ($150).

No winter because you're in TN?? Dude - that right there tells me you haven't a clue what you're in for. I'm not trying to be a d*ckhead or rain on your parade, but what are you gonna do when it's 30 degrees outside and raining?? I was living in south Louisiana and rode in that weather - MORE THAN ONCE. Do you know what the windchill is to your skin when the temperature is 30 degrees and you're doing 40 mph?? Oh wait, you have a major whatever at work requiring you to wear a coat and tie that day and oh darnnit, it's raining like a m' fo'. What now??

My point is you need to be a true hardcore rider to look at elements like this and say, "Ho hum, no biggie."


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A Vespa! WOW!!!!! Now THAT's a chick magnet. LOL...

Actually I had a cute girl come up to talk to me about my Vespa the other day.

It just uhh, wasn't my vespa.

I just happened to be standing next to it.

I played along for a minute before admitting that it wasn't mine but I did know who it belonged to.

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