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Acurus A200/A250 Reviews here


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I've got the A200X3 driving the front soundstage when watching movies, or listening to DVD-A and DVD-V concerts. No complaints here! I got mine when they were phasing them out and think I paid around $600 shipped, or something absurd like that. Didn't you get one too, Doug? Maybe you got the 5 channel, I can't remember.


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I've got a few comments that may or may not be of help along the subject line.

I've got an Acurus 125x5 that I use with my Denon 3801 as a pre in my HT setup. A few months ago I owned a pair of Chorus and a pair of Chorus II's. I used those speakers with Scott integrateds for 2-channel. Using a SS receiver I have with the Chorus/Chorus II was pure agony to my ears, the tube integrateds much better.

Decided to sell the Chorus/Chorus II's. Set them up with my 3801/125X5 combo for the prospective buyer to audition speakers. I had never tried that combo before. WOW! I'm more or less shocked. This SS setup fell into the acceptable zone to my ears, without the hassle of vintage electronics.

I always considered the Acurus sound to be more neutral when describing the sound of various amplifiers. But after this trail I would say the sound of the setup was more 'warm' than I had previously thought. To try and confirm these thoughts I hooked up a Technics SS receiver to my Klipsch KSP 400's. Yep, got more of that upper mid/high horn detail that I had missed with the 3801/Acurus setup.

The Acurus amps are a great buy and offer lots of bang for the buck, as Doud and Mike know.


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Yes, bought a 200x3 from Ubid when Klipsch was clearing them out. Think I paid about $580 for it brand new - yes, a major steal IMO. MSRP at the time was close to $1500, I believe.

I'm on the lookout for a great deal on another one, or a A200, for the rear channels.

Keith, thanks for the comments.

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I can testify to the quality of Acurus HT amps as well. I have a 200FIVE (aka A200x5), which I'm running with a monster Sunfire TGP-5. Right now I'm using it with a pair of ICON WF-35's, an ICON WC-24 center, and a pair of Reference RS-62's as rear surrounds.

I would also like to find an A200x2 so I could run the side channels of the TGP-5 using the balance of my ICON gear the WS-24's, with the same sound signature at some point.

In any case my particular 200FIVE was originally a part of my father's surround system which was used continuously for about 3 years (the amp was constantly on as to even watch TV you needed the surround system to be on as well). I know he also aquired it in a dealer liquidation auction when KGI discontinued the Acurus brand after the aquisition.

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