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Members Weekly Music Recommendations-May 22


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Grog, what a super DVD this is! I wrote it up a bit back. You gotta' love the jam he does with Johnny Copeland in his return concert. Fabulous. It set the heat sensor off in my 1015, I had it cranked so loud.

Great recommendation!

Crank it up!

..and ride safe!

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Here's my pick of the week.

If you don't own this, you are missing a great reference album or CD for your collection. This is Donald Fagen and Walter Becker at their circa 1977 best. Everyone of these songs can stick in your head for days.

This is one of the best mixes of pop/jazz/soul you'll ever hear. Very listenable and an audiophile delight.

....they call me Deacon Blues...

Decon Blues, Josie, Peg, Aja, Black Cow, ...classic rock nirvana..

I guess everyone prolly already has this, but if there are a few youngsters in the crowd that don't, you really need to get it in order to have a essentials of classics collection.


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I thought they were named after a literary character.

Music...Oh yeah -- run, don't walk to your nearest music emporium, be it on-line, mail odor, or b&m, and grab Neko Case's "Fox Confessor Brings The Flood". (Yeah, the title sounds pretentious and artsy, but don't let that stop you!) This is one seriously amazing record. A classic is born! I compare first hearing this record to the first time I heard "My Aim Is True" by Elvis Costello, or "The Band". Yes, it's that good.

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Last week I posted one new DVD and CD just released by Herb Alpert that I had just ordered.

Herb Alpert - Live at Montreux 1996 (2006) (DVD)

Street Date: Apr 04, 2006


Whipped Cream & Other Delights Re Whipped CD - Herb Alpert

Street Date: Mar 07, 2006


Well both of these items arrived a few days ago and I have been playing both of them like crazy.

The DVD is one great concert. Herb Alpert's performance in 1996 shows he still has great talent.

The Re-Whipped CD is just fantastic!

Ripped that bad boy to my computer and put it on my Zen.

My wife went to her mom's this weekend and took the Herb Alpert CD to play in the car.

The trip to her mom's is about eight hours. She called me on her way there and said she loved the Re-Whipped CD... especially track #8 - El Garbanzo!!!!

With so little from Herb Alpert for such a long period of time I am really glad to have fresh new sounds from one of the greatest horn players of all time.

So yes, the DVD and CD are great and I highly recommend them both!

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I love Steely Dan! Bought all their albums on vinyl a few years back in the "used bin" for $1 a pop! Great condition too! By the way, is it true the band is named after a long, rigid, phallic sex toy?

Apparently, such an object is named in William Burroughs' "Naked Lunch" I haven't read that book, so I don't know why such an object would be named, but.. yes it's true, that is where their name came from.

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