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MI 3 vs. X-Men 3 vs. Poseidon 2


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The best of the 2006 movie season may be upon us, for it is far too early for even whispers of what Hollywood contenders for the golden Oscar await us. Three very good blockbusters fill the start of summer for action movie lovers. The only other big action movie left to make the season that comes to mind is the painted face of Captain Jack Sparrow. (Ok, Superman with Kevin Spacey as the evil Lex Luther might be good.)

So far each of these thrillers provides the goods. While not better than King Kong or Lord of the Rings, none of them was worse either. They are not too long or too blurry with CGI effects. Therefore, it is hard for me to pick a favorite among them.

The superstar status of Tom Cruise and modern weapons of MI3 provides a worldly edge to the first. The fantastic scope of powers and sights provides the hook in the comic book world of the last (think so?) X-Men.

Kurt Russell is on a roll, with what two, three movies in a row? This only proves what women know so well. Their shelf life is short. No more so shorter than in the blink of Hollywoods eye, while the staying power of mens graceful aging endures. In Poseidon, Russell and Josh Lucas, whose name I will now remember, give memorable performances in a fresh, gripping remake of the watery adventure.

Because some new movie theaters do have larger screens and sometimes slightly better sound than big ole horn systems, each of these thrillers rate 7-8 $s on my dollar scale: worth the price of theater admission. This scale also includes the lower cost of rental, and that is true. I think this trio is worth renting at the video store, but if I were the producers, I would not be rushing them into stores just yet.

Ownership? Well, I am not the one to ask. As much as I enjoy the thunder of Master & Commander, Total Recall and U-571 again and again for my reviews, I generally prefer to watch even mediocre new fare over a repeat costing several times the price.

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Only saw Poseidon II and can't say I was too impressed. I bought King Kong and LOTR, and believe it or not couldn't get thru either one. The action/special effect genre is just not my thing. My sister saw MI III and said it was pretty good, however.

BTW, I'll give you a ring today.


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I didn't much like Poseidon either. There wasn't enough time for us to invest in the characters personally or emotionally, and thus their entire adventure to escape, alongside comrades falling, was really just me watching as an outside person, with nothing to compel me into their dire situation.

One obstacle overcome after another, there was no twist, no character betrayal, no nothing but figure out puzzle A, onto B, then C...

Kurt Russel needs to stick to "Escape From LA" roles where he's just a big, badass meathead.

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Kurt Russel needs to stick to "Escape From LA" roles where he's just a big, badass meathead.

Escape series (NY, LA) was just plain fun and silly (eyepatch aside).

Kurt has played many types of tough guy movie roles (he's good at it). Examples: Stargate, Tombstone, and probably one of the best B movies out there, the 1998 Sci Fi "Soldier".

MI3 was all action, Poseidon 2 was a inferior CGI attempt in rebirth to cheese cake disaster movies, and X-Man 3 continues the comic book story that now has a cult following.

Boxoffice Mojo shows X-Man 3 basically paid for itself in 4 days (worldwide) .... pretty impressive.

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