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Haven't purchased from them-because of there Yahoo 2 star rating, plus there shipping costs seem to be very high compared with other dealers. In addition I just didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling about the products offered, or the web site in general. (the saying -if it sounds to good.....) let me know what you are buying. cwm1.gif

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I tried to buy some RF-3s from them a couple of years or so ago. They charged my credit card but never shipped the speakers. They did not have them in stock when they sold them to me, and kept putting me off saying they were "on the way" (kind of like "the checks in the mail"). It took me a couple of months to get the charge reversed on my credit card.

They closed their doors after that to "re-structure"?

They re-opened awhile ago but I personally would not do business with them because of my previous experience.

Your link didn't work for me so I am not sure what item you were looking for.

Good luck! Smile.gif


Ed W

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While semi serious surfing Sunday, the company popped up in cnet.com price comparision for Klischorns, around $3,800. Just wondered if anyone had done business with them.

Thanks for the heads-up!!!


A/V AMP: Yamaha DSP-A1

DVD: Pioneer DV-606D

CDP: Denon DCM-370

MAIN: Klipsch Heresey II

CTR: Klipsch KSF-C5

REAR: Infinity SM-65


SUB: Infinity BU-1 (crap)

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