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Favorite Summer film so far...


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I've seen the big openers: MI3, Da Vinci, X3...

Of them all, United93 is the best film this year, no contest.

I do, however, have very high hopes for Superman Returns.

(I'm being cautious about Pirates of the Caribbean 2; the first one took a few viewings to grow on me, but I think it might all get tiresome, especially by the third film, which has already been shot).

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You've seen "An Inconvenient Truth" already?

I guess that's the price you pay for being in a small market - with any luck, this will get wider release.

I also missed "V For Vendetta" (it was only here a couple of weeks), but I'll be in line the first Tuesday this is released to get a copy.

Little else yet this summer has me wanting to go to "the big screens" to see it (United 93 looks good, but I think I'd rather see that at home).....but the rental/purchase racks should have some goodies coming over the next few months.

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I saw United 93 a few days after it came out, and some of the images still stick with me--

After you realize the filmmaker is not going to tickle you immediately with Hollywood elements to keep you interested, when you see that this is the real thing following the real events that led up to the worst day in our country for many many years, then you settle in and watch what you know can't be stopped. Its going to happen. No happy endings here-

Its a serious movie, and I can't imagine taking a date to it-- that's part of the appeal of United 93 to me--its not so popular!

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