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Members Weekly Music Recommendatons-May 30


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Well I should wait another week for the monthly drawing but with

participation so good I decided to give out some goodies a little early.

How this works is I number all music suggestions (not chat but that is

encouraged) for the entire month and then simply pick a number out of a


This month to start things off I'm giving away one BS Button and one Klipsch Tie-Tac.

Drum roll please!! and the winner is:


Conratulations Nick! PM your mailing address and the goodies will go out by the weekend.

Format's simple: Name of artist or group, name of album, type of

music as best you can (rock, blues etc.), and recording format (cd, lp


As usual I'll start it off with:

Rice, Rice, Hillman and Pendersen, "Rounder", cd, bluegrass

Was at a Memorial Day picnic on Sunday and some local bluegrass foks

stopped by to play sporting a mandolin, guitar and banjo. Put me

in min dof these folks. Some of these peolple have been memebers

of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers. Just nice pleasant

bluegrass with some first class pickin and recorded in 1999.

So what do you have to share this week?

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I finally got out and bought a few CDs this last week:

Neil Young's "Living With War" tops the list.....it's pure, raw, unadulterated Neil. Like we expected anything else.

Live offering of the batch: Phish's "New Year's Eve 1995 with Phish", an absolutely stellar recording of one of Phish's all time greatest performances. I'm most pleased with Phish's relationship with the Rhino label, which seems to be consistently good in terms of sonics - no matter what the artist. Coming in July: a DVD and CD set (offered separately): "Phish: Live in Brooklyn" - a 2 DVD set and a 3 CD set of Phish from June of 2004, also on Rhino.

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Sweet!! I knew my day would come.

This week, I'm gonna be suggesting an album that's been out for some years now, but since they're going back on tour again worldwide, it's only appropriate to bring their best album back into the hearts and minds of all loyal followers, and soon-to-be converts. Which, I promise you, you shall be once you give this album a listen. An album which, besides hitting #1 on billboards back in its day, was almost unanimously rated a perfect score by every industry publication or web review forum.

Radiohead "OK Computer" - Progressive/Experimental/Electronic Rock LP or CD.


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Congrats on the big win Nicholti!!! Kewl!!

Okay guys, here's mine, in honor of summertime and vacation time and lettin' it all hang out here in New England as I head off to the Americade and Laconia motorcycle rallies.

The Who, Live at Leeds, 1970 concert.

If for no other reason than the bass guitar line that will rock your world in Magic Bus!

Summertime Blues is pretty rocking too, not to mention Young Man Blues, Shakin' All Over, Substitute and My Generation!

Rock on Pete!!

No collection of Classic Rock is complete without this one.


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Picked this jewel up a few days ago.

Henry Mancini - Platinum & Gold Collection (Remastered)

Street Date Sep 23, 2003

Posted Image

01 Banzai Pipeline

02 Mr. Lucky Goes Latin

03 The Pink Panther Theme {From 'The Pink Panther'}

04 Love Theme from 'Romeo and Juliet'

05 Peter Gunn

06 Baby Elephant Walk {From Hatari!}

07 Experiment in Terror

08 Once Is Not Enough {From 'Once Is Not Enough'}

09 Moon River {From 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'}

10 Breakfast at Tiffany's

11 Something for Cat {From 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'}

12 A Shot in the Dark {From 'A Shot in the Dark'}

For those who remember the great Henry Mancini I know that you will enjoy this fine CD.

Oh yeah; We know when we are watching a movie which was scored by Mancini and we love it!

Greg's pick: Banzai Pipeline

My wife's pick: Peter Gunn


Henry Mancini (April 16, 1924 June 14, 1994), was a noted American composer and arranger. He is remembered particularly for being a composer of film and television scores, and won a record number of Grammy awards (including a "Lifetime Achievement" award in 1995).

He was born Enrico Nicola Mancini in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

Although he was drafted into the Army during World War Two, Mancini was able to get a transfer from the infantry to the band. The compositions for which he is best known include "Moon River" (the theme song from the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's), and the theme music for the 1963 films The Pink Panther and Charade. Interestingly, he also wrote a score for the Alfred Hitchcock film Frenzy (1972) that was ultimately rejected.

He is often credited with composing the music for the Peanuts movies, the well-known theme Linus and Lucy in particular. However, these songs were composed and performed by another esteemed jazz pianist, Vince Guaraldi. Although much of Mancini's work can be classified as easy listening, he was capable of writing powerful and rousing scores such as that for Lifeforce.

Two of his earliest scores were for the TV shows, Peter Gunn (1958) and Mr. Lucky (1959). A notable addition later in his career was the theme song to the sitcom Newhart (1982), as well as the music to the 1986 Disney blockbuster The Great Mouse Detective.

He died at age 70 in Beverly Hills, California of pancreatic cancer.

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Steve_L right on with the Who, one of the top ten live albums, dead on about the Bass lines in Magic Bus, the OX was one of the Best.........Where are you staying at Americade, that's like my back yard Lake George, about 20 minutes to my house,beautiful upstate N.Y...............

Still in the 70's......can't seem to get away..........One of Boston's own

the J. GEILS BAND...........BLOODSHOT....................CD

This is my personal favorite by the Geils Band, from the opening notes of House Party to the last note of Give it to Me, this disc never stops filling your room with fun. This is a fine band that just rocks the house with a blues based, high energy attack that doesn't let up. Peter Wolf is a great frontman, and the perfect guy to spur this band on,J. Geils on guitar, Magic Dick on harp, Danny Klein on bass, Seth Justman on keyboards,and the great Stephan Jo Bladd on drums. To me this is almost like 50's music on acid, it has the older feel,but 70's energy. Aerosmith, the Cars, Boston, all called Boston home, but to me,the J. Geils Band was Boston's Best.........

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Hi Oldbuckster! I'm on the Rt 9 north side someplace, I need to check.. my buddy rented a house up there for the week and I'm just gonna crash on the floor with a bunch of biker fender fluff thay is gonna be there... how's that sound?! I know, pretty 1969 trashy! dontchya' love it!!

I'm actually not sure how many days I'm going to stay up there.. depends on the weather and the fender fluff and all sorts of other details.. but pop I'll let you know and maybe I can swing by if I'm in the area.. so somethin.. one of the nicest riding areas in the Northeast that's for sure.

I liked your J Geils pick too. Full House was my favorite.. just because it was from 1971 and I was really in my college kid, hippie, blues loving, rock, crank it up, glory.

Rock on buddy!! Crank it up and ride safe!

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Van Morrison, Live in Sanfrancisco ,CD, R&B

Van's best live (recorded) performance to date. Lots of special guests, Candy Dalfer, Jimmy Witherspoon and many others. Van's daughter Shana sings backup on some songs with the voice of angel.

Happy Friday! [:)]

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Work: Six Sonatas for Oboe and Bassoon

Genre: Classical (late Baroque)

Composer: Jan Dismas Zelenka

Performer: Danny Bond, Robert Kohnen, et al.Label: Accent RecordsAudio CD

Number of Discs: 2ASIN: B00000442N

Oboes and Bassoons seem a nutural for horn-loaded speakers. This is a

wonderfully lively performance of some of the delightful work of the

sorely neglected composer Zelenka, "The Bohemian Bach".

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