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HOLY SMOKES!!! [:o] Whaddaya know about that! Thanks, Amy! Did Cris (Pyle) have something to do with this? If so, she sure is sneaky! Please thank whomever is responsible. That is awesome! I took several screen shots of it.

I want you all to know that Cris Pyle is a lovely person. She is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Klipsch Audio. This week she took it upon herself to send Klipsch Polo shirts to both me and my wife Verna to congratulate us on our article in Home Theater Magazine and to thank us for mentioning Klipsch in the text, which is something we did on our own accord. I've already written a thank you to Cris. But, thank you again, Cris and Klipsch for your continued generosity and thoughfulness.

Wow guys! And here I thought that "15 minutes of fame" was about gone and now, it seems like I just got another 5 minutes, thanks to Klipsch. [;)]

It has been an overwhelming 1-1/2 weeks since the magazine hit the bookstores. First, there's been all of you wonderful people posting your warm kudos, wishes and very kind thoughts (as you always do). Then, I've have had people from all over Ford Motor Company and Visteon calling me up asking, "Hey Moze, (short for Mosby) Is that you in that magazine?" And then I've had a littany of emails from people all over that I know and even some that I don't. Our website have been getting more hits than ever. It's just been one wonderful experience thanks to you all and your wonderful advice and encouragement. It was you all that got me through that 26 months of putting this thing together. I cannot possbily thank you all enough! Thanks everyone! -Glenn

Indy: It's on page 84! [;)]

Nick: Sorry to dissappoint you man, It's Remy Martin VSOP!

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above is the link!!

Glenn, I got to the 2nd page and saw the equipment list? Is this what you thought you were gonna do..?? I then see on the next page is your "real list" that matches the room pics? I was/am a little confused??

Anyhow, it is a great article, and wonderful room. BTW, it blew Colterphoto1 (he is not easily impressed too) away, I know your very proud indeed!

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Well done Glenn, I have to get out and get my issue. Loved your quotes and sketch and your photographer did a fantastic job using your your existing lighting. Very nice architectural shots of the interior. Tres Dramatic!

The fame couldn't go to a kinder, more humble guy.


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Indy: Man-o-man! You've got a GREAT EYE! That list under "Budget" is a total misprint. It's actually someone elses. Our comes out to about $37 grand! I told the editor about it a week ago and she hasn't changed it yet. The actual equipment list on their link is correct. http://www.audiovideointeriors.com/readerqa/0606diy/index2.html She's also supposed to add a bunch of photos I sent.

Michael: Thank you! I will ask my buddy Dan to read your comments abotu his photos. He will be VERY flattered, expecially coming from you. I've explained to Dan about your years of experience and he was quite impressed. You are gonna make his day. You've already made mine. Thanks!

Silversport (Bill): What can I say? Thank you very much. You said, "I must have done some very nice things in my life?" ....The best I can think of was to marry my beautiful, understanding bride, Verna! She has been so supportive of all this. She is a gem! 33 years of wedded bliss and counting! -Glenn

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Cal: Thanks, man!

kaiser SET say: Just my boyish good looks I guess. (few wrinkles) [;)] We've actually been together 35 years (we dated 2 years before getting hitched). She's the best! [A] I had to import her from Nevada to Michigan! [:)] We'll look forward to meeting you in Hope, too! See you there! -Glenn

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I'm just a guy who got hooked into Klipsch Industrial stuff, back in the Seventies, for DJ work. I absolutely love the Heresy and La Scala versions for their efficiency, sonic superiority and bullet-proof execution. But........

HT stuff was a big zero to me. It was something I might glance at, but it never crossed my mind to actually do anything with it. After reading your article (http://www.audiovideointeriors.com/readerqa/0606diy/) my lack of interest has been blown away.

Thank you for taking the time to write the article and sharing your experience.

It has altered how I perceive HT.

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Daddy Dee: Thank you, Sir! I really appreciate that.

Bill Cain: You know, I have heard so many wonderful and glowing things from everyone ever since this whole magazine thing evolved about 2 weeks ago when it hit the news stands. People from all over have expressed their good wishes and congratulatory regards to us in the warmest of responses I could ever have hoped for. I feel really honored by all of this attention and I thank everyone for their response. But Bill, what you have said here moves me even more! I have always loved to write and I must admit, I nearly went in that direction as a career following great encouragement from my English professor in college. I am serious in what I right and I was quite flattered that the magazine editor liked the piece I'd written so well, that she did not touch a word of it. Now, hearing that what I'd written for the article had the sort of impact on you, as you've just expressed, really makes my day! Thank you so much for taking to time to tell me this! You have no idea how much hearing your reaction means to me.

customsteve01: Steve, I have been extremely flattered as you are about the 3rd person whom has asked if I would autograph their copy of the magazine. Michael Colter was the first. I never even considered that anyone would be asking me this at the time the magazine came out. I would be honored to sign your copy. Thank you very much for asking and for the thought of doing so. Gosh! [:$]

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