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Surround for Heresy


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I'm a newbie to home theater and this forum. But I'm not a newbie to Klipsch. I'm a proud owner of a pair of Heresy speakers I bought in 1976. These beauties have stayed with me through many iterations of my stereo system. During the last year, my CD player broke, my pre-amp went south, and the last straw, my beloved XBR gave up the ghost. (Dead tube).

Now I find myself with an amp (100x2), my lovely walnut Heresy's, and a new 16x9 direct view TV -- all stuffed into a tiny (14'x17') New York City apartment. After several frustrating trips to various stores, and listening to the dreck foisted off on the public these days, I discovered this forum. (You guys have some AWESOME systems!) I've read almost all the posts, and here's what I came up with:

Keep the Heresy's for Left and Right front

KSP-S6 surrounds

KSP-C6 center (the C-7 is just too huge)

What do you think? Also, I'm totally at sea when it comes to a sub. I would appreciate any and all suggestions.


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Tonal/timbre match is arguably the most important thing when adding speakers. For that you won't beat a couple of Ebay Heresys of the same vintage. They can be had for less than $500 a pair and there are some cream puffs out there for sure. Get the same vintage to insure the drivers are all identical and be blown away while saving some dough. Add a good Sub (oh yeh, an apartment) Frown.gif Maybe forget the sub or move. Smile.gif

If size is REALLY a concern you might still go with what your looking at (they are fine speakers). It will cost more and not sound as good but they will be smaller. For me it's a no brainer .....go for the Heresys.

I'm currently running '81 Cornwalls with 3 Heresy's. I picked a pair of '78 models up on ebay and found the '73 centre channel on this bulletin board. It's got the old "PWK" logo and is simply a beautiful old girl.

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Welcome fellow NY'er! How much for that 14x17 apt in the city?! cwm24.gif Very recently there was a person on this board trying to find out more info on their speakers they were hoping to sell. They posted a few pics of them as I remember. They didn't know they had a pair of heresys. I emailed the person and found out the speakers were in queens. Do a search in these forums within the last month and I bet you will find the post, pics and maybe heresys still for sale.

4 heresys and a C-7 ...you'll be loving life!

A lot of people think the C-7 is too big. I'll be the 1st to say it's big but the sound it produces it incredible. Well worth the intrusion into your living space ...IMO. What TV did you purchase? If it's bigger than 27" the C-7 will look sweet perched on top of it. Smile.gif

If you can swing it finacially you should get the sub too. Your neighbors might not like it but you will. It will make a huge difference in your system.

The system you proposed might be better suited to your apartment though. I have not heard the KSP's so I can't comment on them.


My system thus far:

1980 Cornwalls (mains)

19?? Heresy II's (rears)

2001 KLF-C7 (center)

2001 KSW15 (Subwoofer)

HK AVR 510 (reciever - coming soon!)

Kenwood DV402 (DVD)

Sony KV 27V55 (9 year old 27" TV)


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Center channel timbre match with the left and right fronts is paramount. And, if timbre match is what you are after, you cannot beat another Heresy of the same vintage. If it has a woofer with an alnico magnet, it may affect your TV less than a modern center channel with shielded ceramic magnets.

I am using a Decware WO32 subwoofer with 5 Heresys and it blends in pretty seamlessly, at least for me. A lot of folks use other non-Klipsch subs. Klipsch just hasn't been the big name in subs, so far.

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A Heritage HT setup calls for a large space, you might not have the room guy. Are your mains are pretty close together when toed into the corners? If so, try NO center channel and setting your receiver to "phantom" mode for center channel. The center channel signal will be produced through your mains. The reason I suggest this is because you'll notice a hugh difference in sound between your Hereseys and a non-Heritage center - I know. The distance from the listening area to my center channel is close, sounds like you're even closer.

If you fine the room, Hereseys for the rear channels are the way to go!!! If not, use the KSP-S6.

Happy Listening!


A/V AMP: Yamaha DSP-A1

DVD: Pioneer DV-606D

CDP: Denon DCM-370

MAIN: Klipsch Heresey II

CTR: Klipsch KSF-C5

REAR: Infinity SM-65


SUB: Infinity BU-1 (crap)

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Rob brings up a good point that you don't hear very often. You don't have to have a center channel for HT. The reason theaters have center channels is because the distance from left to right front is so far they had to do something to fill in the center so that dialog would seem to come from the center of the screen. In a HT, unless it is a big one, you may very well be able to get away without a center by using phantom mode as long as your left and right front channels are matched and you set the balance right.

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Fully agree with Rob. I am running Heresy 2 mains without a centre and with 2 home made rears that are a good match for the Heresy's (amazingly and by pure luck).

One other thing you might want to try. I run my Heresy's on their side - with the woofers outermost. This creates a much wider sound stage whilst, having toed in the speakers, the phantom centre chanel directly plays above the TV screen - pure magic!!

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Thank you for all the advice. Looks like 4x4 Heresy is the way to go. Too bad all the ones on Ebay right now look so grubby. I'm going to try it without the center channel as several of you have suggested. As for a sub, the building is an old brownstone, not a modern cardboard sh**box. Besides, all my neighbors are young, they can deal with it.cwm11.gif


You're right, I pay a king's ransom for my apt. My TV is a Panasonic CT 34WX50. It's a direct-view 16:9, I paid $2699 at J&R, and it is soooooo nice. I recommend it highly.cwm30.gif

Thanks again fellas. Much appreciated.

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Well even though NastyHabits has gotten plenty of answers, I felt this was as good a place as any to unleash my glee since I finally got my HT system up and running. I started with a pair of Heresys approx 1978 vintage ( my brother gave them to me in 1981) added a pair of similar vintage Heresys off of ebay, got lucky and found an Academy center on ebay and finished it off with a KSW-12. I purchased my first 2 DVDs on Friday. Watched Shreck with the kids on Saturday night, put them to bed and then cranked up The Matrix. God Bless Klipsch.


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Congrats Danartis!

While trolling through old posts on this forum, I ran into an old one where you were in a similar position (two older Heresy speakers). I saw Malcom's advice to you then (4xHeresy and an Academy center). Glad to see your happy, I feel certain that I will be soon.


Klipsch Heritage Rules!

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Congratulations, Dan! I just picked up a pair of Heresy's ('76) at a garage sale and can't tell you how much I love them! They will be used in a bedroom system when I'm done cleaning them up, and I'm just thrilled to have them. For those of you with Heresy's as your mains, I think it would sound awesome to have them as your rears, as well as front and back center channels. Throw in an SVS sub and you're good-to-go! What could be better than 3 pairs of Heresy's in the HT?

Nasty - Hang in there...good things come to those that wait...



My Music Systems

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Danartdis, What did you think of Shrek? My wife insisted on having it and I thought she was nuts for wanting to buy a children's movie. Turns out,I was nuts for being so judgmental. Funniest movie I've seen in years. I kinda miffed though, The dts version is movie screen format. This means that it is cropped. Since this film was made on a computer moniter the tv screen version is actully the full frame. To see the full picture as intended you have to watch it in DD5.1.What a bummer.

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