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It's POPPIN time!

Cal Blacksmith

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Well, I did it! I ordered a small commercial duty popcorn

machine! I cant wait for it to get here; it will be coming FedEx ground so it

will be a little over a week. I have about 12 hours of searching and research

into this project and I hope I have it right! What good is a HT without fresh

popcorn? This is a 4 oz machine with a cycle time of 3 minutes. It can make 80+ 1 oz servings per hour. One oz of poped corn is about the size of a 32oz cup

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It was $306 + shipping of about $25 to So.Cal from IA.

A link to the seller sight is: popcorn machine seller

I looked around a lot and the price was about the same from all the sellers, however this seller gives a LIFETIME warrantee to buyers who use it in their home. There is an optional cart base for it for another $250 or so, perhaps later I will buy it. They have 6 different 4 oz machines but this one and two others carry the lifetime warrantee and are U.S. made.

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It came on Friday, just in time for Fathers day[:D] Setup was very easy and with washing all the parts to get them really clean, total setup was about 15 minutes. The back door came with some shipping damage (it is plexi) but the seller is sending me a new one. I could have returned the whole machine but I couldn't see any reason to. It works GREAT and one batch is about the same as two microwave bags and best of all, it tastes just like at the movies! We bought some cherry topping mix just to try it and it is great! There are about 10 different flavors you can add to the kettle to get whatever you want. We made up 3 batches and it kept very well over the weekend. It stayed warm and fresh the whole time. I think this is a great investment if you have a HT and want the WHOLE experence![;)]

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Congratulations, popcorn machines are definitly fun to add to a theater.

The one you bought looks like a nice machine as not too many of the 4 oz models have heated decks. That is a nice feature to have as it will dry the popcorn after it cooks which keeps it fresh longer.

If you can plan on popping an hour or two ahead of time to give it drying time. Tastes even better that way.


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You got it! When can I pick you up from the airport?[:D][:D][:D]

Nick, Yes SOON we will have a get together at my house. We don't consume many adult beverages but you are welcome to have all you want! (there is a spare room if you need it! )

Yes, I tend to favor industrial machines also, they last much longer and do a better job than the household stuff![:P]

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