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2 1/2 way speakers


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First of all, hi to everybody here.

I am quite new to the hifi world. But recently, i listened to a system that had Energy speakers and was really impressed for the price. I now plan acquiring a set of these.


I have a question about Energy speakers ; about the e:xl-25 and e:xl-26. I see that they have 2 woofers.

I imagine that they should be plugged in parallel

if they are both driven. But in this case, would not

the impedance be 1/2 of the impedance of the xl-16 (in the lowers frequencies) if they use the same woofers? The other case (where one of the woofers of the xl-26 is passive), the impedance should remain the same. If i look at the specifications given by their site, i see that they use (of they seem to use) 2 identical woofers. So that look like they have the specs and are both driven... But what about the impedance, must i use a powerful receiver to drive them?

Another general question about 2 1/2 way speakers (2 woofers and 1 tweeter). If i say something wrong feel free to correct me... The 2 woofers generate the same waveforms at the same frequencies. (or do they? is there one for bass and one for midrange?) So if we look at the resultant waveform, in some places (depending upon the height i place my ear) the resultant could be 2 times in amplitude what each woofer generate while in other places, the resultant could be zero (if the waves generated superpose with a phase of 180 deg.)


Is there a problem with 2 1/2 way systems (or a coloration that some people like) or is the wavelength of sounds too long for this to have an effect? (when i listened in the store, i did not hear any waveform cancellation but i did not audition the speakers for a long time and just from the "sweet spot".


Thank you in advance for your comments.



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cap, can't say on the impedance issue, but klipsch tech speakwise 2 1/2 is by way of a tapered array crossover. iow the lower woof carries all bass below the filter point whereas the upper woof carries only mid bass up thru the filter point.

i know the klipsch rc-3 center uses this as does the rc-7. designed to provide a smoother transition.


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